Saturday, March 9, 2013


Wednesday, March 6 – Paul made a “rookie” mistake last night. We knew nighttime temperatures were suppose to drop to around freezing but Paul figured the water lines would be fine. Well, temps dropped BELOW freezing to 22 degrees......YIIKES! You guessed it – frozen hose. Thankfully that was all that was frozen. Paul changed hoses, and we had water again.

That was good because we had plans to meet RV friends Jan and Dave this morning at Sister Creek Vineyard. The Winery is located in an old cotton gin built in 1885.

Sister Creek Vineyard

We tried to get together with them in the RGV about a month ago but that was the day our driver side window got blown out, so we had to cancel. Glad we didn't have to cancel again because of no water.

We took the self-guided tour. wine barrels

wine barrels

David did a great job in explaining the different varietals of wine. We tasted eight different wines. Our favorite was the Chardonnay and Muscat Canelli.

wine tasting

We met at the winery at 11 a.m. – never too early to taste some wine – and had a wonderful reunion. It's fun to see people you've met along the road and catch up with each others travels.

Dave, Jan, Marsha, Paul…Cheers!us and jan and dave

From the winery, we drove over to the Alamo Springs Cafe – famous for their hamburgers.

Alamo Springs Cafe

This restaurant is not huge but has a homey feeling.


When we entered, the waiter told us to just help ourselves to whatever drink we wanted. We all got hamburgers (HUGE) and shared an order of onion rings (also HUGE). Everything was delicious.We spent a couple of hours talking with old friends.

Says it all.

We hope to meet up with Jan and Dave down the road again real soon. Thanks friends for a wonderful day.

Jan and Dave

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. You sure do a lot of winery hopping. I'm thinking you've probably got a pretty good sized wine cellar in that new 5th wheel of yours.

  2. Glad you didn't have any damage other than the hose. Al and I frequently have the discussion on whether or not to disconnect the hoses. So far, we've been lucky but we have only gotten down to 27.

  3. Love visiting wineries! Make a mark on that one so we'll recognize it when we get there.

  4. That's one of the very best things about RVing - meeting up with folks on the road. An then getting to meet up with them again.

  5. Another day, another winery!

    I like the sign in that restaurant about McDonald's.

  6. Have you got enough bottles for your wine tasting yet? I went to a woodcarving show in that town a few years back. Pretty neat area.

  7. Paul is too 'seasoned' to make a rookie mistake, that was simply a weather miscalculation.

  8. Wineries are fun to visit. Not only for the wine but the ambiance.

  9. We had a great time in Fredericksburg last year. The brewery there has a great IPA. Keep havin fun you two!

  10. We had a great time in Fredericksburg last year. The brewery there has a great IPA. Keep havin fun you two!

  11. I'm surprised it got that cold over in that part of TX. Over here got down in to the 50's. Had A/C on all day today.

    No, we don't have to wear hard hats. We would if we were in close vicinity to the drilling rig. It's only 1,000 feet or so behind us but I've never gone back there. Len goes but only to take our trash. We do wear bright orange vests that say Security Officer (ha, ha, ha).

  12. Yikes, stripes! Twenty-two degrees is just too darn cold for Texas. Is there no place safe from the cold anymore? LOL

  13. Loved the setting for that winery. After reading your posts, we are definitely going to have to spend more time in that part of TX.


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