Monday, April 8, 2013


Sunday, April 7 – We arrived at the beach by ten this morning to spend the day enjoying the sun, sand, and waves. We relaxed, read our books, and went for a nice walk along the water.

Paul on beach

Look who was visiting us when we returned from our walk.
At visitor at the beach

Some common sights at the beach.

dad and daughter



Notice swimming was not mentioned in our days activities. That water is just a little too cold for us to go swimming. We only saw two kids in the water. Brrrrrrr!

paul in water

We did gather a few shells. There must be trillions of shells in the ocean. Seems like everyone walking the beach gathers a few but the beach is always covered by shells. Never ending!


Special request: Would you please say a prayer for Marsha's dad. He is 85 and having hernia surgery on Tuesday, April 9. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Paul, thank you for asking. We will be praying for Marsha's dad as he has the surgery. Please keep us posted.
    its cold and rainy here in Portland, So looking at your beach pictures was refreshing.
    ~Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  2. Add our prayers to Betty's. For both your Dad and for you guys. Your pictures looked so wonderful - we have WIND!! 50 mph WIND. Not spending much time outside that's for sure.

  3. I'll pray for your dad, Marsha. Great beach pictures!

  4. First of all, we'll say a few prayers for your dad.

    I really hated to see Paul sitting in a swim suit on the beach. I really hated that mainly because I wished it was ME!

  5. Come on Paul, if Mui could swim in the Gulf in January, surely you could take at that Amelia Island Beach in April ;-))))

    Our thoughts are with you two and Marsha's father. Looking forward to good news in the blog soon.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Paul is so tanned.

    We will send good wishes along.

  7. So sorry to hear about the crud making its way through your house, but happy to hear you felt well enough to enjoy the beach yesterday. Beautiful house, beautiful beach, beautiful weather. Great place to recuperate.

    Will be keeping your dad and you in prayer as he has his surgery later today.

  8. Our prayers go out to Marsha's dad and hope goes well.

    Enjoy the beach and warm weather there for a while longer, its nice here but not quite beach weather.

  9. WOW! That picture of the paramotor was AMAZING! That could win a contest.

    Paul is certainly nice and tan.

    Prayers for your Dad Marsha.

  10. Louise won't get in the pool here if the temperture goes below 82. Me, i stay out of the water. There are things that eat you in there. lol

  11. Here's wishing all the best for Marsha's Dad and hoping the surgery is successful and routine.

    Great beach pics.

  12. Prayers for Marsha's Dad first and foremost. Nice beach shots!

  13. Praying for Marsha's dad, the medical staff and Marsha as she awaits word. It is hard not to be right there when these things happen.

  14. I just was thinking how nice it is for us to be praying for y'all. This time last year, you were praying for John's recovery. Blessings to you

  15. I am behind on my reading given all the projects we are working on for Terry's parents. Hope all went well with Marsha's father's surgery.

  16. Added to the prayer list and jealous of the beach since freezing temps are in our forecast.


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