Monday, April 1, 2013


Friday, March 29 – We continued our trip to Augusta, GA, this morning. Morning rush hour was no problem in Montgomery, AL. We sailed right through. Eventually, we were faced with the “ever popular” driving around Atlanta. We took the 285 by-pass with no problem until we tried to merge on I-20 East. YIKES! We were in stop-and-go traffic for 45 minutes creeping along with several lanes ending and merging required. We finally reached the I-20 interchange which was under heavy construction and what did we find? Three lanes had to merge into one lane to get around a huge water main break. Guess they hit it during the construction. What a mess.

Once on I-20, we sailed right along to Augusta. It turned out to be a long day with the traffic delays, construction, and losing an hour when we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone.

We eventually reached our destination, Heritage RV Park. We've stayed here several times while visiting Paul's brother. It is a very nice park and getting nicer. They are in the middle of some renovations. We are in site #39. It's a gravel site with a concrete patio. They have good internet reception, gravel streets, and some grass between sites. The sites may be a little close but we'll manage. We have a fence on our left side so no neighbors there.

stie 39

Looking right.
looking right of site 39

Looking left.
looking left of site 39


Saturday, March 31 – We spent Friday night and most of Saturday visiting with John. We had dinner with John, Karen and John's son, Ryan, Holly and the boys. We have been having a wonderful time.

Holly holding Hudson, Karen, John holding Graham, Ryan holding Noahweavers

Paul and John got to be kids again and color eggs for the Easter day egg hunt.

john and paul coloring eggs

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. The guys dying eggs. How cool is that!

    Those Interstates make for great driving EXCEPT around big cities and construction. I guess this is a small price to pay for the lifestyle of RVing.

  2. I hate having to merge like that. There are so many people who don't like to let you over. Glad you're there and tucked in safe. I bet those three boys are quite a handful.

  3. We hate, hate Atlanta for it's traffic. Terry had an apartment there while he worked in that very busy city for a about a year. It's definitely not our favorite place to be.

  4. The two dying eggs look a little ornery to me..

  5. I bet the egg hunt was fun for those three little guys!

  6. John enjoys the Easter dyeing too. Must be a guy thing. Did I miss something? Triplets.

  7. We find it great to get to visit with family and great to get to leave after a while and get back on the road.

  8. Having never done Atlanta but hearing about it, cements it. We never will. Hate big cities, hate traffic. Oops, where are we - Vancouver has terrible traffic and all roads to the city are under construction.

    Cute boys.

  9. Glad you are enjoying the family time. . .those little guys are what holidays are all about!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful Easter! I would love to be around kids for Easter and color eggs. Guess I could do it for Terry and me!


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