Friday, April 12, 2013


Saturday, April 12 – We had a fascinating morning at the Masters Golf Tournament. We arrived shortly after 7 am to get in position on the first tee to see the Greats (Jack Nicholas, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player) open the tournament as the Honorary Starters.

We were in good position to see them walk to the first tee as they passed only a few feet away from where we stood but could only see the top of their swing as they teed off. The crowd forced us to a position 50 or 60 feet down the line from the tee box.

honoary starter

After the opening, we carried our chairs over to the second green to secure a spot so we could watch the players as they played through. We left the chairs there to hold our spot and walked around the back nine of this famous course to see some of the amazing sights.


The grass was unbelievable. fairways, tee boxes, and greens appeared in perfect condition. We would swear it was artificial turf. Not a weed in sight or a bare spot to be seen. This course is in amazing condition. Then there are the Azaleas that are in full bloom and the dogwoods adding a touch to the beauty.


amen corner

We were free to walk most anywhere on the course. We did not have to stay in spectator galleries. We did observe rules of golf etiquette…no electronic devices, no cameras, no loud talking, or no running. Oh, and no chairs with arms. As a matter of fact, 98% of the chairs on the course (and there with thousands of them) were Master Golf Tournament chairs sold only in the Pro Shop.

Speaking of the Pro Shop, that's a not-to-miss stop! Master souvenirs (actually anything with the Master Logo or wording) can ONLY be purchased in the Pro Shop. It's huge. Most of the prices are very reasonable. Golf caps $22-24, golf towels $10, Masters golf balls $12, T-shirts $22, but the beautiful golf shirts with the Masters Logo were a little more expensive at $75-400. A supply and demand issue for sure.

pro shop

The concession stand is another surprise. Get a load of these prices: coke $1.50; beer $3; sandwiches $1.50-3.00; and coffee $1.50. CHEAP! The tradition is to NOT gouge those attending the Masters. Pretty nice tradition, I would say.



After walking around the course for over an hour, we returned to our chairs at the second green and watched players as they played through. Tom Watson, Jim Furyk, Lee Westwood, Mike Weir, Brandt Snedekeer, Jose Olazabla, Bubba Watson (last year's winner), and Tiger Woods were a few of the many players we saw before time came to leave.

Lee Westwood

Have to mention the airport. There are two airports in Augusta, GA, and both look like proverbial parking lots for private jets. Literally 100's of them parked all over the place. Makes arriving in town as an RVer a little funny. Can you imagine FLYING around taking in golf tournaments and other “high roller” events.


We had to hand-off our tickets to the next group of family members that were attending the tournament this afternoon. We had a wonderful time and would certainly go again. Thanks to Paul's brother for sharing his tickets with us. A memorable experience for sure!

Paul was fortunate enough to go back to the Masters ALL DAY Saturday.  What a great day.  He again found a place at the #2 green and watched every player play through.  Awesome!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Wow. What an experience you had in attending the most prestigious golf event in the world. I am not really into golf, but I do know the big players' names and am certainly impressed with the course. Hope you all are staying dry with the storms sweeping through that area.

  2. Since most of will never get to go to the Master's, it was interesting to read about your experience. Thanks!

  3. JEALOUS....watching Masters right now! Pimento cheese - interesting! Always wanted to try to make that homemade. Tiger coming back...asked my Mr. Jer if he dating anyone...low and behold that awesome Olympic ski athlete I remember having that critical fall...I bet those greens are stunning!

  4. Such a great experience you are sure the lucky ones there!
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Glad you enjoyed ourselves ... sorry, golf doesn't do anything for us ... perhaps because we didn't grow up with the sport ... but it is becoming popular in Turkey now.

  6. That would be a fascinating day for sure. Who wouldn't like that but it would be hard to stand there and not be able to take pictures. I wish more events didn't gouge the spectators. However, I doubt that happens often.

  7. absolutely lovely. . .a wonderful day for sure. . .

  8. Awesome...simply awesome! Great experience most people will not be able to enjoy.

  9. Oh those azaleas were beautiful. Thanks for the Masters 'experience' through first-time attenders' eyes. Enjoyed it all!

  10. what a great place to be (and very nice blog )

  11. I'm officially jealous. If that little airport wasn't so overcrowded I'd just fire up my Lear Jet and head right on down to join you all at the Masters.

  12. what a great thing to attend! a once in a lifetime event!!
    the golf course looks amazing on TV, and I can only imagine how beautiful it is in person!

  13. I'm not a golfer but that looks it would be interresting to see once.

  14. I'm a little mixed up on when you did this. Was it last weekend? I don't follow golf so I don't know when the Masters was.

  15. We love the game and love to watch it, but we are sure getting tired of all the media storm about disqualifying Tiger vs. 2 stroke penalty. We would love to just be able to sit hear and watch the players play. This is getting rediculous. So happy though that you get to actually BE there and have the fun of watching all of it. Also think it's great that the patrons are price gouged in the food court. Enjoy the rest of the tournament.

  16. Going to the Masters would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me! Looks like you two had a fabulous day.

  17. What a treat. I'm sure Paul took all the landscaping in and your yard in Ohio will look just like Augusta by the end of the summer.

  18. Lucky you! What a great experience. Your pictures are awesome. Thanks for sharing...I almost felt like I was there too.

  19. Dave is SO jealous of you! We watched on TV and Ooo'd and Ah'd at the beautiful course and the colorful flowers.
    It almost made us homesick, almost, when we heard all the eastern birds chirping and singing in the background.
    Lucky you!

  20. I even watched those three Greats take the tee off shots and I'm not a golf fan. It was neat to see it. And I can imagine the feelings of excitement to be there in person. Why no arms on the chairs?


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