Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Wednesday, May 8 – The bathroom renovation is moving along nicely. We will give an update in the next blog.

Besides taking care of house needs, we have been enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having here in Ohio and visiting with family and friends.

Last Friday night, we were invited to a 50th birthday party for our dear friend George.

Paul and George after a few beverages.
Paul and George at birthday

Among the guests was a dear friend of Cindy's, Marlene. Marlene brought her mother along for the celebration. Now we all thought 50 was getting up there, Marlene's mom, Nadine, is 100!!! She will be 101 in June. The Mariachi Band stopped at our table to helped make their celebration even more memorable.  They played a special song just for Nadine.

Doesn't she look wonderful for 100.

We had a wonderful time helping George celebrate his birthday, and getting to know Nadine. Thanks for the invite, George and Cindy.

A little happy birthday wish from Cindy to George. We think the band members in the background were a bit jealous.IMG_3312

We had not one but two auctions in our neighborhood in the past week. We have never attended an auction together, so we decided to make this another first. Marsha fell in love with the bidding…you know what that means. Her hand was up on several occasions. Sometimes she won, but most of the time she didn't. She left the first auction so full of herself. She bought tons of stuff for only $10. Of course, she said she needed it all. Paul even made one purchase.

Marsha's very needed stuff. This all cost a whopping $4.00


Her buy for the day…$2.00
ice chest

Life is good here in Canton. We are enjoying visiting our family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.


  1. I use to love going to actions when I had a place to to put "stuff". I still like them, just can't haul any more stuff. We may get up that way this summer. Will let you know if we do.

  2. Happy Birthday, George! Auctions are fun. The problem is sometimes you get carried away and end up with more stuff than you really want.

  3. What a fun night. It's great to see a 100 year old out partying like that!

  4. I suppose Nadine got up and did the Mexican Hat Dance??

  5. So cool to see a hundred years packed into such a happy face.

  6. I dare not let Mui go to an auction ... who knows what he'd come back with ;-)

  7. Love the little cooler. I love a bargain.

  8. Eh comes the stuff! Have fun bargain hunting!

  9. We haven't been to an auction in years. Looks like you picked us some neat stuff.

  10. No auctions for us, we don't have room for the stuff we have.


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