Friday, June 21, 2013


Friday, June 21 - Paul tackled replacing the living room windows today with the help of his trusted assistant, Marsha.

Very old windows
old windows

It was interesting to see how the old windows were held in place. Very different than the modern windows in today's homes. They almost seem to build the windows in place using all kinds of nails. One almost needs to totally destroy the windows to get them out.

removing windows

What a mess. Ignore Marsha's feet in the photo.

Paul did manage to remove the windows in one piece. Pretty heavy wood windows too! Once the windows were out, Paul had to reconstruct the openings to accept the new windows.  Of course we got a rain shower while the windows were out but no harm!

windows gone

With Marsha's help the new windows were placed in the openings and shimmed to be level and plumb. Marsha's job is to keep the window from falling out of the opening and place the shims from the outside.  Pretty good looking carpenter's helper!

Masha helping with windows.

Once Paul is satisfied with the installation, he screws the window in place.

Marsha then stuffs insulation around the window for a tight seal. She then chisels off some of the old caulk. The previous owners smeared caulk all around the windows making quite a mess. Marsha was able to remove most of the caulk that will not be covered by molding.

new windows

Paul finished the installation by nailing filler boards around and between the new windows. These will be used when he finishes the installation by installing vinyl brick molding on the outside. He also trimmed the windows on the inside with vinyl jamb extensions and window casing.

The job wasn't all that bad. If you undertake this job, allow yourself plenty of time.


house after

When the money comes rolling in next month, we will replace the end bedroom windows, and we then done with the front of the house. Stay tuned to see what we are doing in the backyard.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.


  1. Marsha is so lucky to have an assistant like Paul to help with the details. Looking good guys.

  2. I get tired just reading about all the work you are doing:)

    The full size windows make the area look so much bigger and more open! I can't over that it is the same size opening. Wow! What an improvement! Super job!!

  3. Nice job! Do these windows open? I think we've switched to Weaver's HGTV Blog!

  4. What a difference, espcially with the new landscaping in place! Good job, Paul and Marsha!

  5. The home improvements seem to be rolling along. New windows sure can make a big difference. I admire how ambitious you are in making this house just the way you want it. Landscaping looks great too!

  6. Very impressive and that coming from the wife of a former contractor.

    When the money comes rolling in the money goes rolling out, that's what renovations are all about.

  7. You two are just unbelievable! When do either of you rest?
    Are you missing being on the road or have you not had time, what with all the home owner projects, to miss it?

  8. You certainly are doing a lot of work around there. Sure glad Paul has a trusty assistant to help!

  9. The house is looking great. Are you about ready to take a break and hit the road again? We should be in Ohio in August, if things go right, maybe we can get together while we are there.

  10. Interesting how a change here, a change there, and your house starts looking new isn't it? Teamwork gets the more difficult jobs done.

  11. Your home is looking lovely. Hope you are taking some time to enjoy yourselves along with all the hard work. :)

  12. We get tired every time we read your blog.

  13. Again, I am so tired just watching all the progress.

  14. I know you two enjoy doing this but you remind me how glad I am to not own a house. :)

  15. Bet those new windows are a lot more energy efficient.

    We changed out the windows in our old house that was built in 1850. We found replacement windows really were not difficult to change. I can say that because Len did them himself, I didn't help. So really what do I know!

    We find we don't work real well together. (He's bossy and impatient, only with me) Even on NOMADS projects I usually work on one team, him on another. Apparently you two don't have those ISSUES.

  16. The windows are certainly an improvement. Looking good. I had the same question Margery asked - do these windows open??

  17. Very impressive teamwork-great job!


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