Monday, July 29, 2013


Monday, July 29 – Ever do anything as crazy as celebrating USA's birthday Italian style? Marsha's mom was a full-blood Italian. Many of the family gatherings have an Italian influence. For the past many years, Marsha's brother, Rod, has had the "official" 4th of July celebration at his home. This year, he put a twist on the celebration. Rod asked us all to dress up "Italian" style (red, white and green) for the picnic. Don't have to ask Marsha or our daughters twice . As soon as Carrie arrived from Houston, Kelly, Carrie and Marsha hit the stores for their outfits. Well, here is the results of their shopping day
Notice Paul's shirt…His Italian name is "Runs with Beer."family italian photo

Carrie, Dave (His mustache some how moved up his face.) and Kellygirls on italian day

Need less to say, we won the "Best Dressed Family" award. Prize…delicious bottle of Italian vino.
In honor of the day, Marsha made a three layer Jell-O dessert using the Italian colors. She placed the Italian flag in Ohio. She called her dessert "The United States of Italy."


We had a wonderful day of celebrating the 4th Italian style.

On a little less fun note…time to give the 5th Wheel a good scrubbing – top to bottom. Paul used Camco Blackstreak Remover (thanks Rick for your product endorsement) and a bucket of Murphy's Oil Soap & water. He used the good old “down on the hands and knees” method and scrubbed the vinyl roof with a brush. It came out looking sparkling and new!

Paul on roof

Paul on roof

He next moved to the sides and gave the a good scrubbing using his long handle RV brush and a sponge.

washing sides

He let this all air dry for several hours and then coated everything with 303 Protectant. This gives everything a nice shiny finish and is a good coat of protection for fiberglass. He also used it on the rubber seals and the tires.


That should keep the 5th Wheel looking good for the rest of the summer. Paul periodically wipes it down with The Solution – another product he likes – and will probably give it a good washing once more before leaving at the end of summer.

Bella is making new friends every day. These two stared at each other for a very long time.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Paul should not run with beer, the possibility of a spill is too great. Suggestion, next time you and the girls go shopping, visit the Gillette department, you've let things go too long.

  2. That was fun! Golly, since Suzy is Lithuanian and Bavarian, we should do something like that next year. Wonder what the colors would be -- and I hate to even guess.

    Shame on Paul for making the rest of us guys look bad by comparison. I keep waiting for a good heavy rain to wash our motorhome!

  3. hmmm. . .will it be wrong to tell you that the moustache is very becoming. . .but hopefully not a sign of things to come. . .LOL!

    Does Paul just wipe the 303 Protectant onto the surface of the rig. . .I use it for the tires. . .but didn't know I could use it on the fiberglass surface. . .interesting! Thanks. . .

  4. Love your United States of Italy dessert...and those mustaches...they are as funny as all get out! LOL They looked like they could have really tickled! Nice job on the 5ver, Paul. You'll be all ready when it's time to pack'er up.

  5. The mustaches look great. I always Italian woman were hairy but didn't know they were that When are you leaving Ohio? We will up that way on Aug 20.Hope you are still there

  6. You guys are hilarious ... I bet you had a lot of fun.

  7. I just want to know how often Marsha and girls have to shave ??? The mustaches look like they need a trimming! I bet that was a lot of fun! I wonder what you'll come up with next.

  8. That last picture is priceless! Love it!

  9. Looks like a good time had by all along with a lot of elbow grease!

  10. You all look very becoming with those mustaches! Very Italiano!

    And, I'm always happy to endorse any product that will result in me seeing someone else do any work. Great job, Paul.

  11. Nice to see other people cleaning and polishing their rv's too.
    Sure feels good when all done.

  12. 303 went on our tires and the convertible top, but never thought of the motorhome. Paul looks older in a mustache! Marsha, just cannot say how stunning you look.

  13. What a terrific party idea! Marsha, you and the girls really did a great job with your clothing, especially the mustache idea...very cute:) Love your jello dessert idea!

    Good job, Paul!! Looks beautiful!

    I can't believe that rabbit got so close to Bella. I guess Bella is becoming one of their family. What a cutie!!!

  14. What a creative group! Our family just has picnics on the deck overlooking the St Croix River. The closest we came to heritage stuff was when Dave's mother used to make lefse at Christmas time. I miss that.

  15. You guys should have won the prize for the best dressed family!! Quite creative!! Love the jello creation of the U.S.A. :-)
    Where do you all get The Solution?
    The fifth wheel looks great...clean and shiny!!

  16. Bella and the bunny ... adorable.

    The Italian 4th of July ... too funny.

  17. Your family knows how to have a good time. Love the unibrow mustache! I like participating in themed parties as it's fun to be creative and a little off the wall.

    Sure looks like a shiny fifth wheel. Vic just spent the last two days on ours while I cleaned out cabinets inside, but I forgot to take any photos.

  18. Love the photos of you and your family "Italian Style".


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