Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Wednesday, August 21 -  We are still very busy here in Ohio. We had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with our friends, Louise and Duane, for lunch. They are full-timers and enjoy riding their new Harley. They are in the Cleveland area visiting family.

Louise and Duane

We met for a delicious lunch and lots of catching up. Safe travels dear friends.

Marsha, Paul, Duane, Louiselunch

We had our second annual wine tasting get together. Dave and Kelly served the 15 bottles of Texas wine we brought back this year. We put the bottles in brown bags and did not let the participates know what they were about to taste. We then ranked each wine. Everyone had a great time. No one left thirsty.

Dave describing the wine the participants just tasted.
dave and wine tasting

Kelly getting the next bottle ready for tasting.
kelly and wine tasting

The overall winner of Texas wines.DSC06033

Just a few of the very happy participants.
wine drinkers

We have plans of hitting the road on Saturday, August 31. We're heading to Southern Utah to spend 6-8 weeks visiting Moab, Arches NP, Capital Reef NP, Bryce Canyon NP, Zion NP, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, and other places. Wish we could spend the whole winter there but unfortunately it gets COLD!

We'll then head to Mission, Texas, and Progresso, MX, for a couple weeks. Our Ohio dentist says we both need some crown work. His estimate was about $1500 each. Our dentist in Mexico says it will be approximately $600 for BOTH of us. Reason enough to spend a couple weeks in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This will also give us an opportunity to visit our many friends in Mission, TX.

We then will head to Houston to spend Thanksgiving with our daughter, Carrie. We'll be there till after Christmas with plans of flying to Ohio for the Christmas holidays. Marsha will be spending several weeks in Ohio. Paul only about a week. There's SNOW there in December, you know!

After the holidays, we'll head West again. We've been wanting to return to Quartzsite for the RV Show and a little desert boondocking. We'll meet up with some Escapee friends in Arizona and do some winter traveling around the Southwest U.S.

That should keep us out of the cold for another winter. Come spring, we'll begin our migration back towards Ohio for the summer.

What's your plans for this winter? Maybe our paths will cross!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. You two just never stop having fun do you! You are the most social, fun loving people I think I've ever met!
    What is your anticipated route TO Utah?

  2. Sounds like another successful wine tasting! I like the blind tasting idea.

    Sounds like a wonderful plan for you trip west. Maybe the following year you can do this again and we'll be back out west!

  3. Sounds like the two of you are going to be really busy this winter. Paul has the right idea about that winter stuff. Have a fun time.

  4. Oh, darn! Sounds like a great itinerary but we were hoping to be able to cross paths with you. Our travels are taking us to the East Coast this fall and then southward to Florida for the winter. Maybe you will still in be in the Texas area when we pass through in the spring.

    The blind tasting idea is not only fun, but sometimes quite revealing in terms of high end vs. three buck chuck wines from Trader Joe's. I always think I can tell the good ones, but I have been surprised by my own lack of refined tasting abilities. :>)

  5. Moab? Great Wildlife Refuge at Overton, Nevada with free sites. The signs say maximum 7 nights but we have stayed there a month and no one says anything. Great birds and lots of walking.

  6. Sounds like great plans for the winter! You will be busy and no doubt, having a blast!!
    We have a big wedding coming up in December (our son) so we will only take short trips until then. Mike's mom is also not doing very well(just moved into assisted living) so we will be taking our little "egg" to Tennessee some. After the wedding, in January, we plan to move toward Florida...we think!! LOL

  7. Your travel plans sound great! You have some wonderful adventures in store!

  8. Perhaps this winter, we can actually meet up in Texas. . .safe travels!

  9. Had hoped to meet up with you guys in Utah but our plans have changed and we're going down the western side of NV instead. Hopefully see you in Q or wherever.

  10. I've been trying to wrap my head around Texas wine ever since you had this party last year. I'm sure it's good but it just doesn't sound right!

    Your trip to Utah sounds fantastic - what a bunch of great spots to visit.

    We'll be in Palm Springs as usual from January thru March.

    Hopefully, we may be able to get together maybe even at the Q!

  11. I bet your group was happy and especially after all that wine tasting.

    It'll be great to see you both again. It sounds like Quartzsite just may be the place around the RV tent time!!

  12. sure sounds like a lovely winter getaway! We will be riding along in the 'backseat' trying to be quiet!!

  13. Glad you all got together... wish we could have joined you. Duane & Louise have become such bikers!
    We will be in Florida this Winter... so no meeting up this time, but Jeff says there must be something in Mission TX that we don't know about. Maybe next year.

  14. We had a great time visiting with both of you. Thanks Paul for the wood. I keep looking at it getting ideas for it.
    Maybe see you in Texas.

  15. Sounds like a great winter you are going to have.
    We leave here in October and will also be back in Quartzsite too maybe will finally meet up with you guys there.
    Travel safe.

  16. Your trip to southern Utah sounds great. We will be near Zion the month of November but it sounds like you'll be gone by then. Not going back to Mission, twice was enough, so we are going to try a dentist in Algodones next time around. But we do plan to be in Q in January. Hope we can meet up!

  17. Ooooh, I'm so jealous! Your plans sound wonderful. We can't leave until the end of October and we'll spend the winter in Florida this time.

    Enjoy your western adventures.

  18. Looks like I'll be heading back to Anahuac NWR near Houston just about the time you'll be heading for Q. Too bad. Your plans sound great though.

  19. Whooppeee! Looks like we will see you in Q!! (God willing)

  20. Your wine tasting looks like great fun. We have decided to spend part of the winter in Florida, then head up the eastern seaboard as the weather allows. Safe travels to the two of you.

  21. Hey maybe we can meet up this winter after we get done at Amazon in Kansas we well be headed to AZ and the Q.

  22. I plan to be one of those Escapee friends in Arizona. Look forward to seeing you again.

  23. Looks like Texas for us this winter; looking forward to getting started on exploring that big 'ole state.

  24. That's quite an itinerary! Looking forward to following along on your Utah adventure. Those are all places I would love to visit.

  25. Its nice to be back in the land of cell phone data (USA) and catch up on everyones blogs! I'm very jealous about Utah. I can't wait to go back there! See you in Q!

  26. We haven't talked ourselves into boondocking at Q yet but we will be in Goodyear just west of Phoenix for the winter if that works in your travel plans to or from Q.


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