Monday, September 23, 2013


Friday, September 20 – This is really a continuation of the day we hiked to Landscape Arch.

After our hike to Landscape Arch, we jumped into the truck and stopped at Broken Arch and Sand Dunes Arch on our way out of the Park. Both these Arches can be viewed with an easy one mile hike (each way).

Broken Arch. Paul is the little guy way up there.broken arch

The hike to Sand Dunes Arch was pretty cool. We hiked through a slot canyon into a very sandy area.

Good thing Paul didn't have that extra piece of pizza last night.slot

sandy area

Sand Dunes Arch

Our last stop was Fiery Furnace viewpoint. This is a closed hike. You must make reservations (booked solid), and pay a small fee ($10 each). We watched the group of 25 hikers begin their decent into the Canyon and chuckled a bit. In the first 200 yards, several hikers were having difficulty causing breaks in the line of single-file hikers and causing other hikers to try to pass. Paul felt this might have caused him a little frustration if we were members of this hiking group. Maybe missing the hike was a blessing in disguise.

Fiery Furnace

Firey Furance

It was a short day of hiking intentionally. We returned to the RV to relax a little and to avoid the afternoon thunder showers that have become typical during our time in Moab, UT. We've received over 3.25 inches of rain (according to Paul's rain gauge in the RV Park) since our arrival in Moab.

Now to the present….We are sure y'all got to see the Harvest Moon last night. Here is what it looked like in Moab.

Rising last night.
moon in Moab

Setting this morning.
moon in Moab

We give two thumbs up to Moab Brewery and Paradox Pizza. Marsha is definitely not a beer drinker but really like their lightest beer. We had pizza twice at Paradox Pizza. Excellent grilled veggie pizza. Also, if you need anything from Walmart or any other retail store, buy if before you get here. The nearest shopping area is 90 miles away.

We had an excellent two weeks in Moab and highly recommend it to all.

We arrived in Mexican Hat, Utah, this afternoon. More on that later.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.


  1. Mexican Hat was a neat place. But there really is nothing like the arches at Moab.

  2. The arches are absolutely amazing in that area. What are you going to do with all the pictures you've been taking?

  3. Can't wait to check off some of those arches ourselves! Being claustrophobic, I remember well the first time I hiked in some of the slot canyons in Utah...very scary until I learned to relax a bit.

  4. Glad you were able to finish your visit with clear skies:) That Harvest Moon is beautiful. I can just imagine how the red rocks looked under its glow.

    We also enjoyed the Moab Brewery and Paradox Pizza! Excellent pizza!

    The Fiery Furnace hike did begin that way for us, too. But once you get all the slow movers to the back and out of the way, the beauty over takes. They helped give us more time to look around and take pictures.

  5. Time does fly, cannot believe it has been 2 weeks already.

    Paradox Pizza was good, a number of good places to eat in Moab.


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