Thursday, September 5, 2013


Tuesday, September 3 – We are leaving our good friends today. We had soooooo much fun. Thank you, Barry and Jan, for the wonderful dinners. Barry used his smoker and made us hamburgers and chicken…delicious.


We had a fire last night and talked way into the night.

barry and fire

Thanks so much Barry and Jan for letting us mooch dock, all the laughs and a wonderful time.

jan and barry

We left the farm in Tipton, IN, this morning and hit I-70 heading West. We slipped around St. Louis on the North by-pass and continued on to Boonville, Missouri, where we parked at the Walmart.
Free parking but of course we purchased groceries making it an expensive one-night stop. Very uneventful night.

missouri sign


Wednesday, September 4 – Today we drove through corn country (Kansas) stopping in Russell, KS, at the Triple “J” RV Park. It was so windy, Marsha forgot to take any pictures of our campsite. It was a decent park for an overnight stop. PPA…$17.50 FHU.

kansas sign

If you have never driven through Kansas, here is what you are missing.


corn fields

Bet now y'all will reroute and add Kansas to your travel plans.

Well, we continue westward ho.....and have to conquer the Rockies in Colorado to reach our first extended stop in Moab, UT, where we will hike around Arches National Park and Capitol Reef National Park.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. ha ha ha....been there done that! It certainly isn't very visually stimulating driving through those huge expanses of corn and hay and must rely on sparkling conversation.

  2. Nothing better than being on the road...enjoy!

  3. Kansas is almost as interesting as traveling parts of Texas.

  4. We want to return to Utah next year to go to the parks we missed the last time. What a beautiful state.

  5. So nice to be back on the road again, about as exciting as some long sections of I-10 in Texas,
    Travel safe

  6. We spent a lot of time in Kansas in our first year on the road. We followed the Santa Fe Trail and hit Dodge City and Fort Larned. Then went up to Lawrence Kansas and into Independence Missouri.

  7. Back on the Road! I'm glad to see this.

  8. Now come on...Kansas is much more exciting than that. We did three blogs on our visits in KS. Actually, we were surprised with all the rolling hills and trees. It was worth our visit with some rocks and Ike's museum.

    Can't wait for you to get to Moab. I just loaded pictures from our year west on our photo frame. I had so much fun rehiking all those areas. Try to sign up for the Fiery Furnace hike in Arches. So worth it. If you can find out whi the Ranger is, try to go with Kate. She was such a natural teacher.

    Safe travels west!!!

  9. Nice to see you guys on the road. You will have such a great time in Moab. Should be beautiful there in the Fall.

  10. Leaving the mooch-dock must have been tough as it looked like a great place to stay. Smoked hamburgers? Don't think I've ever heard of that.

    Kansas is what I expected.

  11. westward, Ho!! enjoy the view out the windshield, even if it is cornfields..soon the mountains will come into view!

  12. We avoided going through Kansas on our trip back east. I'm sure there must be some interesting places to see there.
    Look forward to reading about your hikes in Moab. We just love southern Utah!

  13. Marsha and Paul, Enjoying Following you! Been busy like you enjoying the Summer Months in Show Low AZ. Heading to our Yuma Nest Sunday! You have the Perfect life! Safe Travels!

  14. We did Kansas a good way--Historic Route 66, which cuts across the SE corner. Had lunch at a former gas station with a Tomater look-alike parked out front.

  15. Try Kansas in the spring for a little excitement with tornadoes. ;)

  16. Thanks for the pics of Kansas!! We have now bumped it to the top of our "to see" list!! I've never driven through Kansas but Mike has...he said I haven't missed a thing!! LOL
    You all take care and enjoy!

  17. Sounds like your trip is off to a great start so far. Your part of Kansas looks a lot like the southern part of Saskatchewan.

    Can't wait to see your pictures of Utah, this is one state that we really want to see.


  18. We will be in Idaho tomorrow morning...coming from the west. Twin Falls is our first destination. We are coming from Bend OR and what a grand, scenic drive! Loved it and we felt we had the State highways all to ourselves.

  19. I love the one-night stops at Walmart. To me they are exciting and how can you be any closer to a grocery store. Of course, they can be the most expensive stops you'll make too. Who said it's free parking?


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