Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Saturday, February 8 – Saturday morning, we headed to TopGolf.

Top Golf

TopGolf is the premier golf entertainment complex. This 15 million dollar golfing facility is quite a site! Three stories tall with over 102 driving range booths. It has several different challenges one can play while driving the golf balls. The balls have a microchip sensor hidden inside that the computer uses to tell distance and awards points according to how close you came to the target. Pretty cool.

TopGolf course

There is a bar and restaurant on each of the three levels. This place is open from 9 a.m. till midnight…Friday and Saturdays till 1 a.m.

TopGolf bar

The lower level has pool table, foosball, darts, etc. Something for everyone in the family.

lower level

sitting area 

There is an outdoor patio on the third floor.

outdoor patio

Dave and Kelly golf just about every chance they get. They are very good. Dave out shined all of us with his long balls and accuracy with the different targets. We used to golf but gave it up once the girls came along. Can’t raise a family and afford the cost of golfing.

Paul and Dave swing a mean club.Top Golf boys

Carrie is the only one out of the family that hasn’t ever golfed. With all of our expert advice, she was really hitting the ball nicely. Check out the boots the girls are wearing below. Not exactly golfing shoes.

Carrie, Kelly (the lefty), Marsha.
Top Golf girls

After golfing, we took a little ride around the West side of Houston to show Dave where Kelly use to work and live when she resided in the Houston area. Things have changed in the Katy area (suburb West of Houston) since Kelly moved to Ohio a couple years ago.

We then had cowboy boots to buy. Dave wanted a pair of boots, and we knew just the place to go for a deal….The Texas Junk store! They sell used boots for a fraction of the cost of new and do considerable business this time of year – just prior to the Houston Rodeo. They had a pretty good selection remaining and Dave was able to find a “perfect” pair.

dave's boots 

We then hung out together for the rest of the day until the “kids” decided to get cleaned up and hit some of the local bars.

We had dinner at an excellent Mexican restaurant. family

Carrie lives in Mid-Town the “nightlife” area of Houston. There are plenty of places to find some fun. So retirees headed back to the campground and said our goodbyes.


What a wonderful visit we all had. Kelly & Dave flew back to Ohio on Sunday morning. We'll see them in a couple months when we return to Ohio for the summer and the upcoming wedding.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. That place looks like golf heaven and I see once again the retirees gave up before the youngsters called it a night.

  2. Sure nice to see you having such a fun time. Great that there are so many neat things to do and see there. Our snow is beginning to melt, so we're starting to feel more like venturing out, ourselves. Enjoy your kids.

  3. we know the Katy area well. . .a couple of our grands live over there. . .and we will be over there to stay in a couple of weeks. . .but, I've never heard of the Texas Junk Store. . .you'll hafta tell me where it is!

    Love the mega driving range setup. . .pretty sure that is what they are building next door to Gander Mountain over here on the north side. . .should be extremely successful with the new Exxon Complex going in right down the road, and all the new arrivals pouring in over the next several months. . .looks like a good time was had by all.

  4. Wow, TopGolf looks mighty impressive!

  5. Those boots were made for...golf? No, I guess not. Dave would like to visit TopGolf!

  6. What fun that place would be. It looks like everyone could be entertained no matter what they enjoyed doing. Love the boots too!

  7. Buying cowboy boots that are already broken in makes a lot of sense...wearing them to golf in is questionable haha!!

  8. What a fun family time! The golf center is the neatest. I'm surprised Carrie didn't take up golf after your visit last year. Sounds like she is a natural.

    I bet Dave loved his visit especially with a night out and "new" cowboy boots:)

  9. Our kids all golf, but we do not. Our kids would love visiting a place like TopGolf. Looks like an entertaining way to spend the day.

    I am passionate about cowboy boots, but can rarely afford the ones I want. You can be sure we will be checking out the Texas Junk Store when we are in Houston in April.

  10. Such a fun time you had with the kids. Then time to leave them be to go out and party.
    Keep enjoying the warmer weather you are getting.

  11. Paulette buys used clothing all the time but I still can't bring myself to wear it. For instance, I'd always wonder if the previous owner "died with his boots on"?

    That golf place was pretty impressive.

  12. Hummm, we just might need to visit the Texas Junk Store, if we ever get to Houston. LOL

  13. That is quite the golf complex. Can't imagine swinging the club while wearing cowboy boots! :)


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