Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Wednesday, March 26 – We pulled out of the Tuscaloosa Elks Lodge bright and early. We drove into the rising sun until we reached Birmingham, Alabama. Here we turned north on I-65. What a nice SMOOTH highway.

Another bridge is being built. Marsha didn’t like this one bridge

The interstate from Birmingham to Huntsville is a beautiful drive in the rolling hills/mountains of Alabama. This is a drive we want to do again later in the year to enjoy the beauty of this region. Spring is just beginning to blossom here and it would be interesting to see it in full-bloom.

drive through AL

We have seen several of these huge crosses on our travels.cross

Making our way north.
Tennessee sign

Kentucky sign

We arrived at Singing Hills RV Park in Cave City, Kentucky, soon after lunchtime. We stopped here several times in the past. It is a Passport America park with gravel sites and roads. We have a 50 amp, full-hookup site for $18/night. It is only a couple miles off the interstate in a quiet rural setting.

Site 43.
Singing Hills CG

Singing Hills CG

Looking left.
Singing Hills CG

Looking right.
Singing Hills CG

Nice fishing lake.
Singing Hills CG

Look what we found in the shade of a big tree.

For y’all in AZ, the above is a photo of s-n-o-w. Yuck!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Good to see you stopped early so you can get some rest. Looks like you are almost home!! Can you do it in one day or will it take two?

    That little snow is your introduction to what is to come:)

  2. Sure am hoping there are no storms coming your way in the next day or two. You are making good time rolling along.

  3. Looks like your travels are doing good. Stay warm and stay safe.

  4. You are making good time, and soon be home, hope you see no more s-n-o-w.

  5. Just the sight of that white stuff gives us the shivers. We'll think of you as the explorers being the first to venture that far north after being in the warmer climates.
    We moved from Miami to Venice yesterday and had to turn on the heater this morning. Guess the blood thins a bit when your in the warmer climates.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. I have a brother in Bowling Green.
    We have stayed in that park before park. The area is beautiful any season but winter...

  7. We're home now and it's sure nice to be walking around from room to room and up and down the stairs - feels like a mansion compared to our 5'er. Guess you'll be home soon too, so safe travels and I hope that's all the white stuff you see.

  8. half way between Birmingham and Huntsville = Culman, Al where our sons lives.

    Betcha looking forward to pulling into the driveway.

  9. you guys are eatin' up some miles. . .wedding plans will soon commence!

  10. Hopefully you don't find much of that white stuff when you get back to Ohio. Drive safely.

  11. You are making good time, looks like a nice park.


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