Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Saturday, March 1 – Before the thousands of people arrived, we took a walk around and looked at the hundreds of tents that were set up for eating, drinking and dancing. Some of these vendors sure put a ton of money in decorating the outside and inside of their area.

Smoke, Spice and Glory tent.front of tent

All the tents were required to have a sign outside the tent telling how many people it was permitted to admit.

275 was the limit on this one.horsehoe

jack daniel's tent

Goody Girls

Goody girls

Many tents had signs outside letting us know what we can expect inside.

krazy kookers sign

bunstuffers sign confused cookers

dusty bones

Carrie and I couldn’t figure out which one of these three was not the dummy. Any one want to give a guess?


Besides taking runner up for the Cleanest Team area, we learned that our Holy Cow Cookers also received 1st Place: Most Colorful Team and 1st Place: Most Outstanding Recycling Team. I think Carrie picked a winner to sponsor.

holy cow cookers

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  1. Way too much food and fun there. Those Holy Cow Cookers sure did good! Paul looks like he's holding his own pretty well, too!

  2. Yes Way too much fun and food, would have loved to check that place out.

  3. Way to go Holy Cow Cookers!! So did you find a BBQ that you liked the best?

  4. I have to agree in that it looks like you've been enjoying yourself way too much!! I would guess which one of the three guys wasn't the dummy but won't because I might be wrong!

  5. Congratulations to the Holy Cow Cookers!

  6. No wonder you and Carrie ended up in jail, making comments like that about Paul, shame shame.

  7. Great job, Holy Cow Cookers! I am still amazed at the level of work that goes into this event. Those tents are something else. Thanks for sharing so much of the event.

    Yes, I think Carrie picked a winner!

  8. With that much food all around and especially when it tastes sooo good it is definitely hard to not over eat.
    That was a diet drink that Paul was holding wasn't it?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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