Monday, March 24, 2014


Monday, March 24 – We pulled out of the Houston Elks Lodge campground this morning soon after rush hour. We intended to leave on Sunday to miss the Houston traffic, but rain was in the forecast so we chose to wait another day. You guessed it, the rain didn't materialize until late in the day. We would have been fine, but we're not in a hurry so no big deal.

We slid through Houston without a problem. The traffic by 9 a.m. wasn't too bad. Of course we're pretty familiar with Houston traffic patterns after five months and knew what lane to be in and when to get ready to exit.

Goodbye all you bridges.

It is all about football in Texas.

Once again the road going into Louisiana was AWFUL!!!

Welcome to Louisiana

Especially the part of I-10 just west of the elevated Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway in Iberville Parish. I don't think this road has been resurfaced since it was built. We haven't found a way to cross Louisiana without experiencing terrible roads. Paul had to reduce speed to about 45 MPH and turn on his emergency flashers to prevent shaking the truck and 5th wheel apart. OK....rant over!

It is crawfish season. Mile after mile of crawfish traps.
crawfish traps

Lots of swamp land on this drive.
swamp land

And Marsha’s least favorite part of the travel…bridges.

We arrived had the Hidden Oaks Family Campground in Hammond, LA, in one piece. This is a pretty nice stop for a day or two. Located about two miles north of I-12 on LA-190, it is a Passport America Park with full-hookup sites for $20. There is a section populated by long term or full-time residents and another section for short term guests. We were one of the few over-nighters here tonight.

The sites are on grass, so could be a problem if wet! The roads are gravel and there are 30 and 50 amp sites. The manager instructed us to “just pick any site you want.” We chose Site #19, a pull-through with easy in and out. We did not even have to unhook the truck.

site 19

Hidden Oaks Family Campground

Looking right.
camp site

Looking left.
site 19

Marsha took Bella for a nice walk in the wooded area. She loves to check out all the smells. Bella would enjoy a few days in this campground.


Paul sure wished he had a chainsaw with him. There were hundreds of Cypress knees which he loves for carving. He even went up and asked the maintenance man if anyone sold Cypress for carving. No luck!

For you fisherman, there is a nice fishing stream flowing next to the property. Paul talked to one of the guys fishing, but he had just arrived so couldn't vouch for how good the fishing was in the stream.


Now how did this get here?
deer head

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Just as well Paul didn't have a chain saw.... It's illegal to cut them and they are a pain in the a** to strip the bark off.
    Safe travels

  2. Louisiana provides a roller coaster so you don't have to stop at 6 Flags on the way out of Houston. Continued safe travels, enjoy the ride.

  3. Glad your departure went smoothly:)

    Looks like a decent overnight spot to just relax a little.

    Travel safely tomorrow:)

  4. enjoy your stay! looks like Bella has settled in nicely and taking the time to smell the flowers is a fine idea after a long travel day!!

  5. There is presently a winter storm crossing your path. It might be a good idea to just slow your travels a bit.
    We're going to drag our feet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. That looks like a nice overnight site ... travel safe.

  7. I remember that stretch of road. Thought it would never end. That's a nice park for $20. Travel safe dear friends.

  8. Hope your washboard travels end soon and it's smooth sailing north. Seems a little early weather wise to head north, but the excitement of wedding preparations makes it worthwhile, I'm sure. Godspeed for an uneventful trip home.

  9. At least you're finally on your way and have that stretch of road behind you. The park does look nice. At least you don't have anyone so close you have to keep your blinds closed. Here's hoping today will be another smooth and uneventful day. Get your jackets out!

  10. If you don't like bridges, you'd better not come here to the Keys. Lots of bridges.

    It's a good thing Paul didn't have a chain saw. They might not have appreciated him sawing down the cypress knees.

  11. I wish that was our Alfa parked next to you! I sure agree Marsha, LA roads leave a great deal to be desired! Enjoy LA (another of our favorites ESPECIALLY for me at crawfish season!)

  12. We have travelled that stretch on I-10 many times and know it well. Enjoy your stay there, take your time its still cold back home.

  13. Safe travels now that you're on your way home. Looks like you found a nice spot to stop for your first night.

  14. The road may be bumpy, but I just love going through the Atchafalaya Swamp. I just wish there were some pullouts at bridge level.

  15. I remember that bridge. I do fine on bridges. My scary thing is long winding down hills where low gear is required. Travel safe!

  16. okay. . .now that you are safely over the Lake Charles I 10 Bridge you should read this lovely report. . .yikes!

  17. Travel safely and take your time getting back to Ohio, at least till the temps inch up a bit more.

  18. Looks like a nice park. Jo does not like bridges.


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