Sunday, April 27, 2014


Saturday, April 26 - We just wanted to check in with “blogland” and let y’all know, all is well. Paul's been putting in long days remodeling the kitchen, and Marsha has been busy wedding planning and touching base with old friends.

It's been good to be here so Kelly, the bride to be, can coordinate things with mom and discuss wedding decisions with her. They seem to have things “well in hand,” and everything is moving along smoothly. They went food tasting on Friday. Now that's a job Paul would like! Oh no, not really! He's keeping out of this wedding planning stuff.

The kitchen remodel is moving along, much faster than expected. The electric is done, the windows are in, the heating has been run, the old floor removed (Thanks Kelly and Marsha for the help tearing up all those old tiles.), the drywall is up, and Paul is now in the drywall finishing phase. Once the drywall is completed, he'll install the knotty pine ceiling, and the “gathering” area of the kitchen will be ready for flooring.

Knocking out the wall.
wall removed

He's cut holes in the walls and ceiling for lighting and to run new electric. He's removed some of the cabinets and counter top, the window is gone and covered with a sheet of plywood, the doorway is covered with a sheet of plastic, and the vinyl flooring is a complete mess! Ah....remodeling, you gotta love it!



Biggest header Paul ever did by himself…well, Marsha helped too.


Notice the clever device Paul is using to hold up the insulation. That way Marsha doesn’t have to help him all day.

Backbreaking work.
tearing up tile


kitchen before

After the wall was removed.

Paul will then tear into the food preparation area of the kitchen. Marsha has been reluctant to turn this area completely over to Paul, after all, we are trying to live in here while the remodel goes on. He's made quite a few messes already.

We are currently in the “decision making phase” of construction. Stain colors to select. Floor tiles to buy. Counter top decisions to agree on…man is that stuff expensive! Lighting fixtures to find. Then there's all those paint colors to choose from....YIKES!

So with the wedding just weeks away and out-of-town family waiting to “check-out” this house their gypsy relative bought, Paul and Marsha will be busy. Y'all have a good spring, travel safely, and come on back and see how these projects are finished!

We did take time out to celebrate Easter with the family! What a wonderful time we all had.

egg decorating

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon.


  1. Yikes. I did my kitchen/dining room/living room reno a few years back, and that's it for me.
    Pretty sure we'd need a permit to knock out a wall and put in a header like that in this area. Sure makes a huge difference in your situation. Have fun!

  2. Like how that wall removal opened up the access & spaciousness of that other room. I have a preference to more open areas rather than a cluster of small rooms.

  3. That kitchen remodel looks like a lot of work, but it will be oh, so nice when it's all finished.

  4. Love the goldfinch in your header! Watching Paul's progress is like watching This Old House...he makes it look easy and belies all the work and upheaval. The end product is going to be such a great gathering place for your wine tastings and parties! No doubt Marsha and Kelly are having a grand time tending to all the wedding details. Enjoy!

  5. Paul, I think you are wise to involve yourself in the remodeling, the whole house if necessary, to keep from becoming an assistant in the wedding planning. Have a fun summer guys.

  6. Wow you sure have your work cut out for you and making good progress.
    Great job !
    Can't wait to see the finished product.

  7. Wow! Paul you have done an amazing job. I love how open the kitchen is with the wall gone. We can't wait to see all your work in person. You certainly deserved a break...glad you chose egg dying with your daughter:)

    Good to hear wedding plans are rolling along, Marsha. It is almost here!!

  8. I knew you were busy with the remodeling but boy you really did take on a huge project! You might need to take a break between finishing up and the wedding.

  9. the header pic is fabulous. . .you are the third friend who's had wedding planning going on. . .feeling very thankful for boys. . .not envying you that task in the least. . .although, I'm sure you excel at it! Enjoy. . .

  10. Take a break from blogging - you need to have a rest from something. My back hurt just looking at the pictures and reading about your remodel. But it is beautiful - love that open space. And I do want to see wedding pictures.

  11. Once again you guys wore me out just reading your blog. No wonder you are both in such good shape as busy as you keep with projects like this.

  12. Looks like a lot of work to me. Glad it's Paul doing it and not me. I know it will look great when done. That Paul sure is handy.

  13. Seeing what a major job Paul has undertaken I don't feel so bad about having to finish my puny little drywall repair.

    Everything looks terrific and once again Paul has shown himself to be a master craftsman.

  14. 1. love your header photo!
    2. love, love your final photo! Even though busy you stop to have some fun.
    3. ya gotta love how great Paul is around the house!

  15. The kitchen is looking good. Is living in the rig while doing the reno not an option?

  16. Lookin' good Paul. Can't wait to see some photos of the finished results. Good luck with the wedding planning gals. :)

  17. Looks like you all had a "colorful" Easter!! The remodel is looking GREAT!!! I definitely can't wait to see the finished product!!!
    Have fun with the wedding planning...exciting times!!! Our son is getting married next week at a beach wedding in Gulf Shores. We are excited and heading down that way next week with our camper.

  18. Wow, what a talent. It's looking good.

  19. Those are some serious home improvements. What an exciting time for the two of you with wedding planning and remodeling projects well underway. You are lucky to have such a talented and willing husband.

  20. Renovations, wedding planning , you guys are busy. I so remembered those days in our previous life, renovating/improving and decision making….all fun and the reward after so sweet.
    I am anticipating the final reveal.


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