Friday, June 27, 2014


Friday, June 27, 2014 - The kitchen remodel project is complete! Since our last post, Paul installed new vinyl soffit, fascia, and siding. He then put the finishing touches on some outside electric. Marsha then planted some bushes and flowers to complete everything on the exterior.

Marsha gets the grunt work yet again!
cleaning siding

Paul installing siding

before porch

after porch

Fortunately, just as we completed the exterior work, the counter top people called to arrange installation of the counter. It sure turned out wonderful. We are delighted.

counter top installed

Paul spent a day struggling with the plumbing. Adjusting the old plumbing to fit the new sink and faucet, while fumbling under the kitchen cabinet is not a great way to spend a day. With some frustrating moments and some hard work, the plumbing was completed and we again had running water in the kitchen.

Paul and plumbing

The last job to tackle was installation of the tile backsplash and grout. 

back splash


We can FINALLY say the kitchen project is DONE!!!

kitchen before


kitchen complete 



Next…Kelly’s wedding shower on Sunday.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Amazing! Looks gorgeous. You could go into the house business and start flipping homes now that your experienced! Take time to rest before you start another project.

  2. Oh, my, goodness!! It is beautiful! The outside looks so great...what a change. I bet sitting out there now feels so much more relaxing for Paul now that he doesn't have to continue to look at what needs to be done. It is done!!!

    The kitchen is gorgeous. Tons of room now for cooking and enjoying great meals. You two really did an amazing job.

    Have a wonderful shower Sunday. The big day is just around the corner. I do believe you will need a vacation after all this planning and work:) Can't wait for shower photos!

  3. Everything looks awesome!
    Now onto the next project, wedding stuff.

  4. Looks great. Done just in time, eh?

  5. BRAVO! Great Job! How soon do we bring the motorhome to Paul?

  6. Lots of hard work rewarded by the beauty of it all. ) Congratulations

  7. GREAT job, it looks really nice. Now you can take a rest for a while.

  8. Oh Marsha and is beautiful!!!! You guys have done an incredible job and what a difference the before/after pics show!!! I know you all will truly enjoy the fruits of your labor!! Now you guys need a vacation...LOL!!!

  9. So beautiful. Now - on to the next project!

  10. You guys did an excellent job! Doesn't even look like the same place.
    Now you can relax and enjoy all the wedding stuff!

  11. What a beautiful looking remodel - everything's so bright and cheery compared to the old. Well done both of you - very professional looking job!

  12. I really like those after shots of the inside. It's so light and pleasant looking.

  13. Looks great guys. I remember the mixed feelings we had when we finished the total remodeling of our last home. Now whatca gunno do?

  14. It looks great. Now relax before the wedding.

  15. Great job! Much better than what you started with. Once the wedding is over you'll be able to hire yourselves out professionally.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  16. One of my favorite words: done! Looks good. Happy for you.

  17. Awesome....job well done. Now you can jump into the upcoming events of the impending wedding without distraction.

  18. looks mighty nice... and how many 50 amp hookups did you install again?

  19. Great look guys, you've done good. Marsha, don't worry Paul is just giving you grunt work to keep your many skills in reserve for when needed.

  20. oh wow. . .so great. . .I knew it would be!

    I had forgotten that you guys had removed the sun porch. . . I had to do a double take of the pic with Paul putting the remaining soffits up outside. . .it looks huge. . .and really wonderful. . .

    Are ya' really done? Are ya' really ever DONE when you own a home. . .well. . .for the moment enjoy, and get on with the wedding. . .JOB WELL DONE!

  21. Great look guys. You've done good. Marsha, not to worry, your many skill are being held in reserve for when needed and Paul is just giving you grunt work to keep you from getting bored.
    Happy wedding shower,

  22. You guys need a HGTV Show, seriously job very well done.

  23. What a fantastic transformation of your home. It looks like a great place for your family to enjoy during the wedding festivities and gatherings.

  24. Give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it.

  25. What an amazing transformation! Thanks for posting the before and after photos. You two must be so pleased with the end result. Great job! :)

  26. Great Job! Impressive transformation. That is what I call labor of love . Cheers to the team Paul and Marsha!


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