Thursday, October 9, 2014


Friday, September 3 – We arrived in what feels like home to us – the Houston Elks Lodge. We are here to visit our daughter, Carrie, before heading down to the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas to see friends for a couple weeks.

The beautiful sky over “our” beach in Bay St. Louis saying good bye.

Not sure why this feels like “home.” We spent all last winter here, enjoying the people, nothing spectacular about the campground, Houston traffic is....well, Houston traffic, love that we get to see our daughter – when she's not working. Guess we just feel relaxed here, for some reason.

Welcome to Texas

We were pleasantly surprised to find the campground with several vacancies. This place has been packed for the last couple of years. It may have more vacancies because they recently raised there rates ($25/night or $400/month – cheap by Houston standards). The nightly rate is a little high, in our opinion, but the monthly rate is reasonable. Or it could be that three RV'ers here have recently moved on. The former camp hosts decided to sell their RV and get an apartment, and two other “workers” living here for local jobs have decided to move. So hopefully we'll be able to find a spot here when we return in November.

Houston skyline.

Regardless, we'll be here through the weekend and then head south to the Mexico border for three weeks. We will then return here for the months of November and December. After the holidays, our plans are to head to Arizona for the winter and spring baseball....go Tribe.

Sunday, September 5 – After only two days at the Houston Elks CG, we pulled up the jacks and headed about 200 miles south toward Goliad, TX. We planned on staying in Goliad, but when we got in the area it was only 10:30 a.m. – that was no 200 miles. Must have goofed when planning our route on Google Maps.

So, we pushed on towards Mission, TX, in the Rio Grande Valley. We arrived at Leisure Valley Ranch about 2:30. Longer than we like to drive, but we stopped several times and broke the ride up into manageable segments.

We are on friends, Amy and Steve's, casita lot. They are away for summer travels and have rented their site to us again this fall. We stayed here for several weeks last fall. We plan on being here three or four weeks to visit old friends and travel to Progresso, Mexico, for dentist check-ups.

Leisure Valley

They own this empty lot next to us also.
Leisrure Valley

Looking right.
Leisure Valley

Looking left. That is the clubhouse on the left.
Leisure Valley

We have done nothing but socialize since we arrived. There goes our diets, and we are on our way to again joining AA once we leave here….lol

Angie and Rick, again, entertain us at their beautiful home.
angie's and rick's

When Angie and Rick visited us in August, Angie asked Paul if he could use his skills and make a prayer request box. Paul got to work right away and had it finished in a day. We brought it and gave it to Angie to present to the leaders of the group, Donna and Reynold.

Paul, Donna, Reynold, Angieprayer request box

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Good to hear you made it to Mission safely. Yes, 10:30 is a little to stop but if you are us, you are just getting on the road...Haha!! Enjoy your time reconnecting with friends:)

  2. We're in Texas too, but I guess we'll wait until you get to Arizona to see you.

  3. Shucks! You're be gone before we get there around Jan 3. Shucks!!!

  4. But just remembered, We will be in Houston in December. Well right outside Houston in Pearland.

    1. Pearland was our "home town" for many years Phyllis. . .where do you guys stay? We will be in League City the month of December. . .

  5. Sure looks like you are in the right place to eat, drink and be merry!

    You sure have a nice big site as well.

  6. And here we thought any drive in Texas was a long one.

  7. Enjoy your time there in Mission, much warmer there than here right now.

  8. That is indeed a good price for the Houston area. We're going to go to San Antonio before our next overseas adventures ... cheaper to stay on base there ;-)))

  9. We liked the Houston Elks very much. Not many Elks have great swimming pool. We just didn't care much for the location of the Elks. Maybe we'd like it better if it were in Kerrville!

  10. It will be great to see you in Arizona. We have missed you the last few years.

  11. You two put us to shame. It is hard for John to get moving before ten. See you in January.

  12. Oh, I know what you mean about having to join AA... in our case I say 'detox time'. It's so much fun reconnecting with folks on the road. We'll be on Galveston Island for most of November. Maybe we can arrange a get together since you'll be in Houston :-)

  13. THAT is a lovely location. . .enjoy your "friends time!"

  14. Looks like you're having the usual fun in Mission. We doubt we will ever go back to that area. Just not for us.

  15. wait....September 3?? Or October 3? Man, I lose track of time, but now I am REALLY confused!

  16. It is always good to reconnect with friends. Hope to catch up to you two this winter in AZ.

  17. We thought of you when we were monitoring the weather thinking you were still in AL or MS but wow you are now in Texas! Glad that you are out of the severe storm, so are we. Luckily we were on northern edge of the storm and we just got rain.
    We will be in Galveston middle of November before our overseas trip.

  18. Glad you arrived safely and had a good trip!! It is always great to be with later!!!


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