Saturday, October 18, 2014


Thursday, Oct 16, 2014 – We met fellow blogger and friend, John (Shoeless Joe in blogland), for lunch this afternoon at the Riverside Club located on the banks of the Rio Grande River. Friends, Angie and Rick, came along to renew their friendship with John. We introduced Angie and Rick to John at this same restaurant last year. We've been here several times and enjoy the atmosphere on the river.

L-R: Angie, Marsha, Paul, John, RickRiverside Club luncheon

John was pulling for St. Louis to win the National League Pennant, and Rick was pulling for the Giants. The Giants are headed to the World Series. So sorry John.

john and rick

The special here is the Pork Tenderloin sandwich. It is so huge. Paul couldn’t eat it alone, so we shared it and still had plenty to eat! Another “special” is the boat ride on the river. We've yet to take this excursion. Not sure we are interested in playing “chicken” with the border patrol gunboats flying up and down the river...LOL.

Border patrol fly by on a regular basis. border patrol

We did enjoy watching the turtles, catfish, pan fish, and even a rather large Gar, we saw in the river. The waitress even brought us out some uneaten French fries to feed them.

Can’t believe people swim in this water.

There were even some horses bathing in the river on the Mexico side and one lonely mule. This is near the same spot many children were crossing the border illegally this past summer. To say the border patrol is very active in this area is an understatement.

horses and a mule

A pretty neat place to visit after a wonder lunch with friends.

marsha and paul

Boys will be boys.
marsha and paul

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. glad you are enjoying your time in the Rio Grande..nice to meet up with friends for some food and conversation!

  2. I sure get to hang out with some neat people. Enjoyed the day.

  3. You and Paul look great:) Can't wait to see you in person this winter!

    Looks like a happy crew having lunch. Poor turtle in that not so clean water but he is cute. Love the horses and mule enjoying the water:)

    Enjoy your time in Mission:)

  4. You guys look great. . .so relaxed!

    We enjoyed lunch at that same restaurant a few years back. . .your view of the horses was really great. . .

  5. I think it's smart to stay out of the way of those border patrol guys.

  6. At least you get a little enjoyment out of the rough life you lead ... A little bit of fun and ... a little bit more fun.

  7. Nice to see everyone enjoying the sunny weather in t-shirts. Sounds like my kind of restaurant!

  8. Our contact down in Mercedes has kept us informed on the situation in the area. We will see in the 2.5 months.

  9. Nothing like meeting up with old and new friends and enjoying nice weather.
    Great picture of the two of you.

  10. Looks like a wonderful visit with friends. You could not get me into that water. Hard to believe people do swim in it.

  11. Feeding the wildlife French fries? Titch titch, Marsha! ;)


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