Sunday, September 14, 2014


Sunday, September 13 – Everything is looking good for hitting the road early Tuesday, September 16. That should give us enough time to get to Augusta, GA, for the ALS Walkathon on Saturday, September 27.

If you are one of our regular blog readers, you read that Paul had a little health issue which delayed our departure. We thought we would be here in Ohio until mid-October as a result of this health issue, but we were able to speed things up and ended up leaving only a week later.

Paul wants to thank everyone for the thoughts and prayers. He's fine! Still driving Marsha nuts!!! Here's the story for those asking. He went for his regular colonscopy on August 25, only to find he was in A-fib and the procedure was cancelled. JEESH....after all that prep the day before...YIKES!! Well, he ended up being sent to the ER where tests verified his A-fib situation. He was sent home and instructed to see a cardiologist.

He visited his general practitioner the next day for further tests. After several frustrating delays of doctors not returning calls, he decided to go to the Cleveland Clinic – a leading heart hospital. He spent Friday, September 5, seeing a cardiologist at the Clinic and having additional test completed. These included an echo cardiogram and a 48-hour heart monitoring test.

On September 11, Paul reviewed the results of these tests with the doctor and was told everything appeared normal, and he could continue with his travel plans. The doctor decided to go ahead and do a 30-day heart monitor test (If you see me stay back, he may disrupt cell phone coverage...LOL) to see if any thing shows up. This test can be done while traveling.

So in summary, the cause of the A-fib problem is somewhat a mystery. It may have been a result of some difficulty Paul had with the colonscopy prep or influenced by a congenital bicuspid aorta valve. It sure would have been nice to have a definitive diagnosis. One where the doctor said you strained this so take this and you'll be fine.

Paul now knows what to watch for if the A-fib situation should return. He will see the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic when we return to Ohio in the spring. Yeah and he still needs to get that regular colonscopy, but it will wait until next summer.

So, we're off for our winter travels. Looks like Mother Nature is giving us a warning too. It was only 39 degrees this morning...brrrrrr

For all you asking about photos of Kelly and Dave’s wedding, below are a few of our favorites.







If you have enough of the wedding pictures, here is a link to a few photos of the ceremony. If you want to see more of the reception, click here.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Good deal on the travel plans, wish we could leave this early too, but if we did would have to be home early March, much too cold here then.
    Travel safe and enjoy the journey

  2. Ed is in A fib more than not anymore. He has had many tests over the years and we never did find out why. He takes warafin everyday and Toprol to slow his rate down. We have our own testing device and test his blood thinner every Tuesday. The results are faxed to his doctor and they call us with any changes to the dosage.

  3. wow a little scare that wasn't needed but all seems well now, happy travels!

  4. That would definitely be a scary thing. Glad it all came out fine and Paul is doing good.

    I love, love your header photo!

  5. The wedding pics are lovely. Is that a gorgeous pipe organ in the background? You know I love me a pipe organ. . . :)

    UGH as to the cardio issues. . .I too have the congenital heart valve issue. . .which they like to keep an eye one. Will be doing some follow up when we get back to Houston.

    The worst part is. . .poor Paul did all that YUCKY prep. . .and now he has to do it again. . .UGH!

    Safe travels. . .glad you weren't delayed as long as expected. . .BONUS!

  6. Good news on the health issues. Bad news on heading south, we thought you would bring a bottle of that wine to Indiana.
    Seriously, great news and I agree it's time to head south but we still have a few more weeks before we do.

  7. Good to hear you can begin traveling. Wouldn't want to be in Ohio for the winter.

  8. So glad to hear that Paul is ok.
    What a pretty bride!
    Hope to see you this winter somewhere.

  9. Glad Paul is doing well. Now you know for sure that wine he makes is healthy stuff!!!!

  10. A colonoscopy could send anyone into A-Fib. Glad to hear Paul is o.k. and that you're able to leave on your trip in a few days.

    Beautiful wedding pics - a gorgeous bride!

  11. Too much excitement is my diagnosis.

    See you in the south.

  12. Glad to hear that you will soon be on your way. Hope the A-Fib was just a glitch and nothing to worry about. Good thing you had it checked out, though.

  13. Drinking all that stuff and the results could easily make someone feel lousy. But I'm glad Paul went to the heart clinic and got a specialist to check things out for him. Now you know what to watch for but you can still be on the road. Safe travels. See you in AZ.

  14. Yahoo.... so happy to hear it's time to hit the road. There's no such thing as too many wedding photos - beautiful young couple. Safe travels!

  15. Beautiful wedding photos. Wow.

    Bob is also on the 30-day monitor for his atrial fibrillation, He's all wired up.

    I hope Paul continues to do well. Bob seems to be doing great right now.

  16. Our prayers will still go out for Paul. A fib is just something that seems to come with stress and age. He really worked hard during the summer.

    So pleased you two hit the road Tuesday. It is time to relax and just chill out.

    Wedding photos are beautiful.

  17. Hurray!! I am sure Tuesday can't come soon enough. Safe travels:) Glad Paul can wear the monitor while on the road. Still keeping prayers going for answer:)

    Love, love the header!!! What a clever shot! The bridesmaid dresses are so adorable. And I really like the shade of purple. Beautiful family photo:) Kelly was a gorgeous bride.

  18. Wonderful news, Paul and Marsha! Grateful to hear there's nothing serious, you're able to monitor while you travel, and you're able to hit the road with only a minor delay. So sad you did the colonoscopy prep for nothing...but then again...not. It has alerted you to something you need to be cognizant of. Safe travels as you embark on your fall/winter travels!

  19. Glad to hear you'll soon be on the road. I suspect colonoscopy prep is enough is enough to send anyone into A-fib and I'm pretty sure Paul's purpose in life is to drive Marsha nuts.
    Liked the pictures of the happy day. Lots of smiles.

  20. So glad to hear you are ready to hit the road. Although it always feels more comfortable to have a definitive answer, it is great news to hear that nothing serious came from Paul's testing and that he is fit to get back on the road.

    The wedding photos are wonderful and the bride beautiful.

    Safe travels to the two of you. You will both continue to be in our prayers.

  21. Lovely wedding photos ... I really like the one in the header. Good to hear Paul is OK and has been given the go ahead to travel.

  22. So glad to hear Paul is ok and the doctors are on top of things!!! Having all that prep for the colonoscopy is pretty stressful and hate that you have to go through it again in the spring.
    You all have safe travels!!
    Love, love, love those wedding pics!! Such a beautiful bride and gorgeous wedding!!!

  23. Cleveland Clinic is one of the best, my cardiac surgeon referenced them a lot.

  24. glad you are getting on the road! i have occasional A-fib. It can be really annoying. I haven't had it years so maybe it was stress related :)
    Great pictures !!!

  25. Whew, What a relief! I would say its better and have everything done while you are still in within proximity of familiar places rather than somewhere else. And glad to hear there is nothing serious with Paul.
    Lovely lovely wedding photos, kind of remind me of ours not too long ago :)
    So charge ahead and have fun in your southern migration. Keep safe.


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