Monday, January 26, 2015


Monday, January 26 – We have been in Quartzsite, AZ, along with over 100,000 other RVers since last Thursday.

Q mt.

The RV Big Tent Show lasted until Sunday, January 25, but the swap meet tents will be up for many weeks.

The big tent is huge.
big tent

We are boondocking with the Escapee Class of 08-09/Classless Class group. This is the group we were with on our previous visit to Q back in 2010. The group has increased in size since they've opened the circle of RVers to anyone looking for fun!

Here is an aerial view of our group. We had 25 RVs with us.

We arrived on Thursday and immediately jumped into to swing of things by heading to the RV Big Tent Show. It was packed! That surprised us because we assumed things would be winding down since this is the last weekend for the show. We actually found something we wanted, rechargeable phone power banks, and Paul purchased some 5th wheel stabilizing bars. He'll let you know more about them once he begins the installation process.

Who has room for this in their rig?Big tent

Marsha can’t wait for Paul to install these.RV show

After a couple hours walking around the show we headed back to the boondocking group for a campfire and Mexican Night. We have a bulletin board that keeps everyone informed of what is going on with the group.

bullentin board

Three of the couples volunteered to serve Margaritas and quesadillas. They did a terrific job and everyone had a blast. It was fun getting to know more of the group and share RVing war stories with each other.

Margarita committee. Thanks for a great dinner and drinks.

Marsha with some of her Margarita friends…Jeri, Nan and Sharon. That is John (Heyduke) photo bombing the gals.
lovely ladies

Friday, we headed back into town to stroll among the swap meet tents known as Tyson Wells.

Every RVer needs a mask or two…geesh!

We again found a couple things we couldn't live without. We've been looking for a birdhouse made from an old cowboy boot and sure enough a guy was selling them in the swap meet area. We also joined fellow full-timers, Jan and Dave, for lunch. We met Jan and Dave several times over the years in various spots around the country. Another fun couple enjoying the full-timing lifestyle.

This is the cutest table…according to Marsha.

We had a wiener roast and Italian night. Both were excellent and thanks to the many who played host and hostess. We took time for the big "group picture” also.

group shot at Q

Each night we had a fabulous fire. It was so relaxing just sitting around talking about life and enjoying each other’s company.


Campfires aren’t just for the night time. Jeri hosted the morning mimosa hour which started at 8:15. Looks like Jeri and Marsha were the only two that could brave the morning cold.


No visit to Quartzsite would be complete without climbing Q mountain. It was a lovely day, perfect for a hike. It is a bit steep in some places. We climbed this same mountain 5 years ago…it’s grown higher since then! LOL

Q mt

We made it to the top!

Marsha’s way of handling the steep downhill grade.

Sunsets are gorgeous here in the desert.


Tomorrow we head to Yuma.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. Was sooo good to see you guys again. It's been way too long.

  2. Got yourself a nice header photo there:))

  3. 100,000 rv'ers?? That number is insane! I would be much more comfortable with the 50 people at the blogger night. Of course anything over 10 kind of wears me out so who am I kidding? I suppose we'll go to Q at least once though, to see all the gadgets on display.

  4. 100,000 rv'ers?? That number is insane! I would be much more comfortable with the 50 people at the blogger night. Of course anything over 10 kind of wears me out so who am I kidding? I suppose we'll go to Q at least once though, to see all the gadgets on display.

  5. Seems like everybody is headed for Yuma! Maybe we'll see you there...if we can find somewhere to camp...

  6. Love your new header!! We have had some gorgeous sunsets lately. Nothing like a sunset in the desert:)

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time with the gang in the Q with lots of fun and laughs.

    You need a pair of poles for those steep down hills. They sure make going up and down a whole lot easier.

    See you tomorrow...finally!!! Wahoo!!

  7. We always enjoy the Q, mostly before and after the crowds, its so nice then.
    Glad you had fun.

  8. Did you two go on the field trip to the Desert Bar? We were there a few years ago when we were staying at a lovely state park in Parker. What a fun fun fun (albeit expensive) and unique place!
    Thank you for another, as always, wonderful post.

  9. I was so great seeing both of you again. Glad we're going to be getting together next month in Mesa!

  10. It was great to meet you guys, maybe we will catch you in Yuma also..p.s. save us a

  11. well. . .other than the doing without electric, it looks like you guys had a blast!

    We had the stabilizer bars added to our fiver. . .they do help. . .you will be pleased!

    Are you really headed to Yuma? We are supposed to stop there Thursday on our way to Cali. . .may not find a spot it seems. . .hmmmm. . .

  12. yep it was a fun week indeed! sorry about the photo bomb, well, not really ;)

  13. Yes, hiking poles are definitely needed on those steep, rocky climbs. Saves the butt on your jeans!!

  14. Mimosas??? So worth wearing gloves. Love'm. Those AZ sunsets are the best. I'll keep you posted on our AZ travels so we can schedule drinks!

  15. I'll wave as you blast past the refuge tomorrow. :)

  16. Like everything except lack of hookups :-)

  17. We enjoyed our short stay at the Q! and I also made it to the top. Missed those desert sunsets.


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