Sunday, February 1, 2015


Sunday, February 1 - We took a ride up the mountain to the touristy town of Julian, CA, today.  The ride up the windy, twisty mountain road is very interesting. The scenery is wonderful. Not surprisingly, there were plenty of motorcyclist enjoying the curvy road.

road to Julian


Julian, 4,235 feet, is an historic gold mining town. This town is famous for their apples and specifically, their apple pie. So of course, we had to stop at famous Mom's for a piece of pie and a cup of coffee.  Paul had the traditional apple pie; Marsha had the sugar-free, applesauce sweetened piece. Both were very good.

mom's pie

We spent about two hours walking around town and visiting some of the shops. We left empty handed but enjoyed this quaint little town. We noticed how nice all the merchants are.

For the ladies, Marsha says…If you go to Julian’s, don’t miss E. Barrett General Store. It smells divine inside. There is a great story about the shop, and the owner makes all the lotions, soaps, etc.




It was such a gorgeous day, we just had to grill some chicken.

grilling chicken

There are trails right from the campground. Bella just loves this place. Look at the name of the trail she chose for us to hike today.

Catclaw Trail.
Catclaw trail

This is the life!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. You are only a few miles from Ghost Mountain & the Marshall South homestead. Great hike with great views.

  2. We've driven through Julian several times and we've purchased many pies (the Fudge Shop in Borrego Springs carries frozen unbaked Julian pies) but since I'm not into shopping, we've never stopped. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the town:)

  3. When we drove up to Julian there was snow all around. Looks like you were luckier than us.

  4. We drove to Julian a few years ago but from Ramona Ca. and enjoyed the touristy town as well.

  5. Julian is a lovely little town, isn't it? There is a great little cafe (name escapes me) with some of the yummiest soups. How long are you going to be in the area?

  6. Looks like Bella knows right where she is going!

  7. I don't think we could get through that town until Bill stopped at that bakery... he just can't pass us those places!

  8. you guys are moving right along. . .nice getaway today!

  9. What a nice little town...and such a beautiful day for the motorcyclists and the griller and chillers!

  10. Are you seriously telling me that you left Julian without buying an Apple Pie to take home? C'mon...that's almost impossible!!

  11. We really do enjoy Julian at least once while in the area. There is a neat store one block off the "main drag" They have all things birds, decor, soaps, etc. Julian apple pie is very good.....V E R Y good!


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