Friday, March 13, 2015


Thursday, March 12 – We were off to Goodyear, Arizona, this morning for our last Cleveland Indian Spring Training baseball game. They are playing last year's American League Champion, the Kansas City Royals.

A gorgeous day for a game.
Indians game

We again arrived at the ball field early enough to roam around and enjoy the excitement of pre-season baseball. We had pretty nice seats down the first base foul line. We grabbed a couple hot dogs (You can't go to the ball field and not have a dog.), some peanuts, and a couple beverages and sat back to enjoy the game.

The game started out so promising with our first batter hitting a triple.Indians game

It didn't take long for Marsha's phone to start beeping. We had told the family we were attending the game, so they were watching on their local TV channels to see if they could catch a glimpse of us. Evidently we were right in line with the camera that keeps the pitcher in view because we were constantly on the TV screen. They even zoomed in on us a time or two and caught Paul shelling peanuts and feeding his face....ha ha! Masha’s dad called us twice while we were at the game telling us how many times he keeps seeing us. Our daughter even had a friend call her to tell her she was watching us on TV. JEESH.......stardom!

Indians game

Unfortunately, the score didn't end as we would have hoped. They are still playing many new guys to establish who to keep in the majors and who to delegate to the lower leagues. I suppose we should have delayed our visit closer to the end of spring training in hopes of seeing more of the starters. Maybe so, but we've enjoyed the games and are making preparations after a month in the Phoenix area to head toward New Mexico and then Texas.

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to meet for the first time Ingrid and Al, Live, Laugh, RV, and dear friends, Pam and John, Oh, The Places They Go.  We met at Handlebar Pub and Grill in Apache Junction, a really neat pub. We had a great time with lots of talk, laughter and delicious food. Both of these couples love to hike and enjoy the outdoors. We have so much in common.

F: Ingrid, Al, Pam; B: Marsha, Paul, John.Handlebar Pub and Grill

We meet up again with Pam and John for dinner on Wednesday. We intended to show them the famous Organ Stop Pizza, home of the huge mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ, but upon arriving we saw a huge line of people waiting to get in. Yikes, that didn't look like something we wanted to do, so we headed down the road. We eventually stopped at a nice Mexican Cantina for dinner and to visit for awhile.

Marsha’s back is giving her fits again. She is taking muscle relaxers and laying on an ice pack. We will be laying low the next few days hoping the spams slow down.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Television celebrities wow!
    Hope Marsha back gets better soon, sure is not fun thats for sure!

  2. So sorry about your back Marsha. Back pain is so miserable. Sure hope you are feeling better soon and will be ready for your trip east. Love the picture of you guys on camera. You really needed to be careful to keep your hands where they belong, LOL

  3. Imagine being a celebrity (not that you aren't now) and having to be on guard about candid shots. At least you weren't picking your nose or somethin.

  4. I knew it. . .we've been hangin' out with celebrities. . .LOL!

    I hope your back pain is very short lived. . .not fun. . .not fun at all!

  5. Glad to see you've been having a good time. Hope to meet John and Pam and Al and Ingrid one of these days.
    Marsha, hope your back feels better soon. Last year an ER doc gave Jim Valium for a muscle spasm. Worked much better than the typical muscle relaxants they usually prescribe. Plus it makes you happier! This getting old is no fun at all.

  6. What a great screen shot!! Who ever captured that shot did it at the best time! We both had a great laugh:) Glad you family got to see you on TV. I bet your dad was loving it.

    This getting old stuff is for the birds. We make a good pair with our back issues. Take care and keep resting it. Hope it improves for your move:)

  7. It was wonderful to finally be able to meet face to face. Hope your back starts feeling better real soon and we look forward to meeting up again down the road. Safe travels :-)

  8. Keep well Marsha. How neat that someone caught a pic of you both on TV.

  9. Great shots of you guys on tv. I can imagine your relatives/friends back home being excited to see you two. We used to go to Spring Training in Tucson until the three teams moved to the Phoenix area. It's a long drive to watch a practice game from where we are.

    BTW; The Kansas City ROyals were the American League champion, however the SF Giants beat them for the Worlds Series title, 4 game to 3.

    Have fun out there.

  10. Can we have your autograph? Now that you've made it to the big screen we need to catch that autograph while you'll sign it for us .... before you get too big, that is.

  11. Too funny that you were right in line with the camera, now you really know you are famous! :-)

    Hope those spasms don't last long and that you are up and back to hiking the trails real soon.

  12. Celebrities indeed! How wonderful that you got to reconnect with Pam and John and meet Al and Ingrid! Hope your back start improving soon Marsha. BTW, love that header photo with the leading lines and great clouds.

  13. Jo has issues with her back so she understands what Marsha is going through, hope it is better by now.


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