Sunday, June 14, 2015


Sunday, June 14 – We are doing well and still enjoying the fabulous Ohio weather. We've had a couple humid and muggy days, but for the most part, the weather has been terrific. Bella, our cat, especially has been loving the green grass the the chipmunks to chase. She's out on her leash all day We have to practically drag her in the house in the evening...ha ha!

Bella enjoying her one of her favorite places.

Marsha has been busy visiting friends, lunching, volunteering at the our church, crafting, and tending to the flower beds. That girl is so busy, she actually has no free time! Smile She's off nearly everyday on some adventure. One of her latest outings was going to the Cleveland Indians game with a group of her church friends. They travel in style.

Indians bus

The next photo was the highlight of her day.  So, can you guess which team didn’t win the game?

Marsha with ketcup

She actually taped the game in case she got on TV again. Look at the upper left-hand corner. Recognize anyone?

Marsha on TV

Paul continues his house projects. He's finished replacing all the windows in the house – a two year summer project and is putting the final touches on the siding he removed or replaced during that endeavor. That's the last of the “big” projects he has planned for this summer.

removing siding

cutting wood

putting up wrapping

new windows

Paul bottled some wine and has two additional batches brewing, a couple of nice “summer” wines – Kiwi-Pear, a Sauvignon Blanc, and Pomegranate, a Zinfandel. Those should be done by the time we return from our Michigan trip to enjoy before the end of summer.

Paul and wine

Paul sealing wine

Our newest addition to the Weaver Cellar Wine….Rockin’ Raspberry. Excellent.lastest wine

We have plans to head to Michigan and the Upper Peninsula soon after the 4th of July. Paul's spent plenty of days there, during his working years, fishing with “the boys.” One of his friends had a cabin on Lake Huron, and they spent many a weekend chasing Salmon and Lake Trout over about 35 years.

We've spent the last six or seven winters in the American Southwest. We will probably end up in Texas this winter but are planning to start out in Florida for a couple months (mid-September to mid-November). We are planning on making a quick loop down the east coast to Key West and then back up the Gulf Coast before heading west on I-10 for Texas.

If you are an experienced “winter Floridian” and have some “must see” adventures that you care to share with us, we would enjoy some suggestions.

That should catch us up on our Blogging for now. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Sounds like a relaxing summer! NOT! Well, kind of. Bella is going to miss the AZ and CA desert, you know.

  2. Hopefully, you'll be around when we go back to the Ohio Valley for a class reunion and then return again two months later for a granddaughters wedding.

  3. Gee, I am exhausted just reading this post! Remember that you are retired. Don't forget to relax and smell the roses:) Take a lesson from Bella. She seems to doing well in the relaxing position. Paul is a crazy man! That is a lot of house to side. We can't wait to see it finished. Be careful up there, Paul! Marsha, I can't believe the camera found you yet once again. What a lucky lady! Good to know all is going well:)

  4. Can we borrow Paul? We need to put in new windows. It's on the plan for next year! Sounds like we might be in the same area (maybe) between October-ish to November-ish. I hope we can connect again!

  5. Sound like thing are coming together nicely for you. Plans to wander about sound great.
    The upper peninsula is a wonderful area, would like to get up that way this summer too, but time will tell. We only about 45 minutes from Port Huron Michigan here in Arkona.

  6. Photo bombing Fox....nice, Marsha! You've just notched up on the "fame o'meter"!! You really should take out some advertising for Paul's wine. You might be surprised how well received that would be. Probably not too many vintners there in Ohio, I'd guess. The home place is looking good, and Bella is doing a great job as "guard cat". Summer officially starts next week, so enjoy!

  7. We, too, are changing it up a little this winter. Instead of a 4th year in Tx will head to AZ. Like the pic of your guard cat.

  8. Hope you are planning to stop at my lodge (#1872) when you are in the Keys. It's right on the water and has a dozen or so water/electric sites. It's 92 miles from Key West.
    Enjoy your MI trip.

  9. When you travel the Gulf Coast side of Florida you should consider a stay in the Crystal River/Homosassa area. The Homosassa Springs State Park and swimming/kayaking with the manatees would be fun. We winter at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park in Crystal River and enjoy the area very much. Have a great summer. Try to get Paul to relax a bit.

  10. Im sure you are more than excited for a few seconds of fame.
    Check this out, you forgot to tell that you have a big department store in Lawrence, Kansas.

  11. Sorry I missed this post.
    You two are really keeping busy but Paul should protect his eyes with Safety Glasses when using power tools.
    Paul seems to be taking his wine making very seriously.
    If you go to Florida in the Fall months isn't that still part of the rainy hurricane season?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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