Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Tuesday, September 15 – We left Canton on Sunday morning. We had a one-night stop in Wytheville, VA, and are now staying at the Atlanta, GA Elks Lodge. We had a rain-filled drive from VA to GA. The temperature on Monday morning was only 38 degrees.

drive to GA

drive to GA

These signs were along the I-85 in GA. We have never seen prices like this.express lane

At the Atlanta Elks, we are basically in a corner of of the parking lot with a single 30 amp electrical hookup. We ran our hose to the Lodge hose bib for water. Nothing fancy about this camp spot but only a $15 donation to the Lodge for each night. A motor home pulled in later in the day and had to park in the back of the lot without any hookups.

Atlanta Elks

We had several sights we wanted to visit here in Atlanta, but only have one day to do them. First stop on Tuesday morning was the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum. This is another well-done museum of the Carter Presidency. We've been to several Presidential Libraries and have enjoyed them all.

Jimmy Carter Library and Museum

The Jimmy Carter Library and Museum houses U.S. President Jimmy Carter's papers and other material relating to the Carter administration and the Carter family's life. President Carter faced several challenges during his presidency, most infamous the Iran hostage incident and the Middle East Oil embargo. A few other of his accomplishments are Camp David Accords, Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty, Torrijos–Carter Treaties, National Energy Policy, Moral Equivalent of War speech, 1979 energy crisis, Diplomatic Relations with China, 1980 Summer Olympics boycott, SALT, etc.

Carter times

He served in his young years in the Navy.Carter in the Navy

Who can forget…
Carter peanuts

His Oval Office.
Oval Office

Here is just a fraction of the list of honors he has received…Nobel Peace Prize, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Philadelphia Liberty Medal, United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights, Grammy Award, etc.

Medal of Freedom for President and Mrs. Carter.
Medal of Freedom

Carter and Nobel Peace Prize

President Carter…Grammy? Really! Best Spoken Word Album-2006.
Carter's grammy

Jimmy Carter served as president from January 20, 1977 to January 20, 1981.

The Museum is filled with all his accomplishments in every area of the Presidency. DSC03627

Carter and Human Rights

Mr. Carter is the author of twenty-nine books. Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter volunteer one week a year for Habitat for Humanity. Since 2007, President Carter also has served as a member of The Elders, a group of independent global leaders. He teaches Sunday school and is a deacon in the Maranatha Baptist Church of Plains. For recreation, he enjoys fly-fishing, woodworking, and swimming.

Man of Faith...Jimmy Carter

The grounds are gorgeous. It is a “park-like” setting. There is a Carter Presidential Center Rose Garden also.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Carter garden

He only served one term in office, but history has been fairly kind to his accomplishments. We learned a lot about Carter from this library and were reminded about his many, many accomplishments. Don’t miss this wonderful and well-organized Presidential Museum.

Our Tuesday was just beginning. Check back to see how we spent the rest of the day.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!



  1. Another interesting tour in recent history, thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the presidential libraries even if there's a president I didn't vote for.

  3. Your first photo looks like our day today!

    Those rates on the sign in Atlanta change as the day goes on depending on how many people are using the lane and the time of day. The more popular, the higher the price goes.

    As many times as we have been to Atlanta in 12 years, we have never been to President Carter's Library and Museum. John said he just forgot it was there. Well, it is on my radar for our next visit to Atlanta. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. We are right outside Atlanta now. Going to Dalonaga today. Having fun visiting our friends here.

  5. I always loved Jimmy Carter. A really great man.

  6. I agree with Jan. Visiting the Presidential libraries would be so interesting regardless of whether I voted for them or not. There are some we've traveled right by but should have stopped. We thought we didn't have the time to visit but to go back would take so much longer.

  7. Sadly, I've never been to a Presidential Library, so don't know much about them. Is it all displays, or do people actually check out books?

  8. This is one Presidential Library I would love to visit. I have such respect for the man, particularly his accomplishments post-presidency. Hope your weather improves soon. BTW, I can no longer seem to post comments using my blogging address, so until I can figure it out, I will be commenting under Terry's Google account.


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