Sunday, March 27, 2016


Sunday, March 27 – We've both followed Erin and Mui's blog, Two To Travel’s Phaeton Journeys, for many years and were delighted to find they were passing through Houston, TX. We decided to meet for lunch last Wednesday. We suggested the Sugar Land Town Center. This area is full of unique restaurants and outdoor bars. After viewing the area on the Internet, Mui gave us three suggestions. One was a Turkish restaurant. We jumped at the chance to eat at Turquoise Grill and Bar, a Mediterranean restaurant.

Turquoise Grill and Bar 

Both Erin and Mui are from Turkey, so wanted to have two experts with us when we tried our first Turkish dish.

We met at the selected time, and wouldn't you know, Erin and Mui were already there and talking to the restaurant owner, like they were old friends. The owner, Turkish of course, made several suggestion of tasty dishes. After introductions, we decided to let Mui do the ordering and that ended up being a great decision.  The only stipulation we gave Mui was NO HUMMUS. Neither Erin nor Paul like hummus. We started with an appetizer called Sigara Borke, fried feta rolls. Our main dish was the Family Platter which feeds 4-5. It was a huge platter of Gyros, Chicken Kebab, Beef kebab, Inegol Kofte, grilled vegetables and rice. The lunch selections were fantastic!

It was nice to finally meet Erin and Mui face-to-face, although as many bloggers know, it seems like we were old friends already. We discussed past travel experiences and future plans. Erin and Mui and full-time RV'ers and have traveled extensively overseas and on many ocean cruises. What an interesting and fun couple to enjoy the day with talking about good times. We really enjoyed our “taste of Turkish” luncheon and especially the friends we were able to share the afternoon with.

Turquoise Grill and Bar

For the past two weeks, we have had two hawks visit us daily. We are very mindful not to let Bella out without proper supervision. We don’t want her to become an appetizer for any animal.

Right outside our door.

Watching from above.

Today, yes, today is Paul’s birthday. He says that he doesn’t celebrate birthdays anymore, but Marsha insists on making him a cake and singing Happy Birthday.


We would like to wish everyone a very Blessed Easter day. We will be spending this blessed day with our daughter, Carrie and Michael. Carrie is cooking a ham, and Marsha is taking all the fixins.

Easter blessings

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!





  1. Happy birthday, Paul. Happy Easter to both of you!!

    You should consider becoming professional tour guides. You're getting plenty of practice for sure.

  2. Happy Birthday, Paul:)

    How nice to meet Erin and Mui and "meet" some Turkish dishes:) One day we hope to cross paths with them.

    Have a wonderful Easter with Carrie and Michael:)

  3. It's hard to catch up with Erin and Mui. They're always on the go. Good for you!

    I've never been to a Turkish restaurant. How nice to have someone 'in the know' to do the ordering.

  4. Happy Birthday, Paul, and wishing you both a joyous Easter! What fun to share a Turkish lunch with Erin and Mui and hear about their adventures firsthand! Enjoy your day with Carrie and Michael!

  5. Happy Birthday, Paul, and Happy Easter!
    Not sure we've ever even seen a Turkish restaurant.

  6. Happy, Birthday and Happy Easter what a great way to celebrate.

  7. Happy Birthday Paul ... though my sentiments are a day late since I didn't read this yesterday. It was so great t meet you two after a long "virtual friendship."

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL. or is it Hoppy Birthday.

    Turkish sounds very much like Greek (makes sense of course) and we love Greek. Hope someday we can take you to our favourite Greek restaurant. Here!

  9. Meant to write earlier that in addition to the sigara börek, that thin-crust pizza like dish we all shared was lahmacun. So now the menu is complete ;-)


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