Monday, June 20, 2016


Monday, June 20 – Yes, it is true. We lived long enough to see one of the Cleveland teams win a championship!


No team in 32 tries had ever come all the way back from being down 3-1 to win the NBA Finals. The Cleveland Cavaliers completed the unimaginable on Sunday night, a 93-89 Game 7 victory over the Golden State Warriors to win the franchise's first NBA championship. The Cavaliers are only the fourth team in history to win Game 7 of The Finals away from home. A game for the ages!

LeBron James flies over Seth Curry.
Laborn over Curry

LeBron James was unanimously named the MVP of the NBA Finals.

labron james

A parade will be held on Wednesday. Cleveland will be celebrating for years and years to come. The curse is over!!!

By the way, Marsha wants everyone to know that HER Cleveland Indians are in first place. Go Tribe!

Besides watching basketball and baseball, Marsha is enjoying reconnecting with old friends and catching up on their lives. She has also spent some days volunteering at the church and working on her hobbies. She has joined the quilting group at the church. They make quilts to send to Lutheran World Relief.

Marsha quilting

She also is tying blankets to send to a church in West Virginia. Our church does a mission trip to Webster Springs each summer. The ladies are making blankets to send to the community at Christmas time.

Marsha and tie blanket

She is still crocheting plastic mats for the homeless and making baskets and giving them away. Paul actually talked her into keeping her latest creation.

Marsha's basket

If that isn’t enough, she has another new hobby – Pleachet. This is a very unusually hobby. This is a crochet type hobby involving wool to make hot pads, trivets, or rugs. She really enjoys this hobby but has found it difficult to find 100% wool to use. This is required so the heat from the hot pan or dish does not catch the pad on fire! She makes visits to Goodwill and the Salvation Army stores. She buys skirts and jackets, tears them apart, cuts them into strips and then finally begins her next project.

Paul is trying to figure out where to add on to the 5th wheel so she can carry all these hobbies this winter. :-)

Marsha pleachat

Her first one. She said she has learned so much from her mistakes.
hot pad

hot pad

This is the first update of our June activities. We will do another one later in the week.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day.



  1. Marsha is one busy many interests, no little time! How many people are blessed by her efforts! Maybe it's time to think about a toy hauler so the back room can be made into a craft room! haha

  2. Marsha sure has some fun hobbies, looks like your hobby is taking pictures of her lol...

  3. I tend to get back into old hobbies during the summer too. It keeps me busy doing something. My embroidery machine has been getting a workout.

  4. Congratulations on your win and on your lead. We know nothing about football and very little about baseball. Hockey, hmm does Cleveland have a hockey team. Nope.

    Does Paul mean 100% cotton wool? If so Walmart has lots. That's what I make my dish cloths from. Wow your latest basket is gorgeous.

  5. I guess it is good you don't travel full time with all of Marsha's activities helping so many organizations. Great work, Marsha:) I really like your new hobby, Pleachet. The hot mat is really neat. I was studying it to see how you did it. Your basket is beautiful! Glad you decided to keep it for yourself:)

    Yes, Cleveland has a championship team finally. Such good news for the city. Now we can only hope your Indians follow along:)

  6. It looks like you both have staying busy. Marsha is very artistic.

  7. Thrilled with the city of Cleveland's win. . .and will continue to keep up with your Indians. . .way to go!

    I think the basket you are keeping is so great. . .I remember when you were first learning, and gathering pine needles for a project. . .crafting requires a lot of hours of work, as I well know. . .good for you for enjoying the fruits of your labors. . .and yaaa for everyone else who is also benefitting from your skill. . .keep up the good work!

    Tell Paul you can just hitch up a UHaul, and do a triple tow. . .LOL!

  8. Congratulations on the big win! Marsha's baskets are so beautiful.

  9. Yay Cass! That was an amazing game! You seem to be keeping very busy this summer Marsha. Kudos to you for all the volunteering you do.

  10. Yay Cass! That was an amazing game! You seem to be keeping very busy this summer Marsha. Kudos to you for all the volunteering you do.

  11. Should be interesting this year between the Indians and Royals.

  12. Marsha, you are one amazing woman ... I don't know where you find the time to do it all.


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