Monday, October 16, 2017


Monday, October 16 – Tomorrow is the beginning of our 9th year of traveling. We no longer “full-time,” but we continue to travel more than six months per year.  We completed the circle by ending the year at the same location we started – Houston, TX. I guess that's why we refer to this as our “Southern Home.” It is also home to our youngest daughter, Carrie, which we enjoy spending some time with each year. It didn't seem like we did much exploring this past year, but looking back we were pretty busy. Here's just a sample of where we ventured and what we saw during our eighth year of travel.

Langtry, TX – Judge Roy Bean Museum and Pecos River. An out-of-the-way place, but a great place to visit.

Judge Roy Bean

El Paso, TX – Explored the city, Chamizal National Memorial, Missions, UTEP. There is a ton to do and see in El Paso. It was a nice surprise.

El Paso

Las Cruces, NM – Old Town, White Sands Missile Nat'l Monument & Missile Range, N.M. State University, Dripping Springs Hike. We had a wonderful visit with our good friends, Pam and John, while we were here. What fun.

Pam and John

Maricopa, AZ – Reunion with long-time friends from Class of 2009-10, the Dwarf Car Museum. We had a fantastic boondocking place. What fun having happy hour each day and sitting around the fire enjoying each other’s company.

our gang

Yuma, AZ – Los Algodones, NM, Cloud Car Museum, Yuma Proving Grounds. A visit to Mexico is always in order when we are in Yuma.

Organ Pipe, AZ – Organ Pipe Nat'l Monument, Hickiwan Trails hikes, the “wall.” “The Wall” was one of the highlights for Paul…Marsha not so much. The Nat’l Monument is an awesome place to see so much beauty.

Organ Pipe

How much excitement can one person take?
The wall

Tucson, AZ – Saguaro National Park, Hiking. One of our favorite places to visit.


Sedona, AZ – Red Rock country, Hiking, Truck towed for repairs (yuk). Sedona is gorgeous, but way too crowded for our liking. Even when we went out for a hike at 8 a.m., there were already tons of cars in the parking lot. Not fun.


Usery Mountain Park, AZ – Hiking and relaxing. We will be back!

Usery MT.

Apache Junction, AZ – Superstition Mountains, Hiking. Always a beauty.

 Apache Junction

Phoenix, AZ – Spring Training Cleveland Indians Baseball. Love those Indians!


Back to Houston – Rodeo time, Art Car Parade, Visits with daughter, Houston Ship Channel and Kelly & Dave (daughter & SIL) arrived from Ohio for visit. What a wonderful time we had when Kelly and Dave arrived. We did more in three days than most people do in a year. The kids are young and can go nonstop. We try our best to keep up. After they left, we chilled for a week…lol

family photo

With May heating up in Texas, it was time to head north. We arrived back in Ohio to spend most of the summer. Long-time friends, Duane and Louise, were in the area, so we met up for a nice long lunch.

Duane and louise

We did scratch off another “must see” on Marsha’s bucket list. We made a trip to Gettysburg, PA, to visit the Civil War Memorials. We really enjoyed the history of the area and recommend it to fellow travelers. While in the area, we added Harrisburg, PA, to our list of State Capitols we've visited.


Right before our departure from Ohio, we had a wonderful lunch with our dear full-timing friends, Margery and Paul. They spend all summer in Ohio Amish country. How could they be so near us all summer, and we had to wait till September to meet up. Boy does time fly!

Marsha always takes photos of everything, but for some reason didn’t take one this visit. Probably because she was yacking so much. Anyway, this is a photo back from 2012. This works better anyways because we all look so much younger…lol
Margery and Paul

We did add a new state to our map of “States Visited,” …Pennsylvania.



Starting Date: 10/17/16

Starting Location: Houston, Texas

Ending Location: Houston, Texas

Truck travel miles: 13,574

Number of different cities visited: 23

Average length of stay per visit: 4.52 days

Average campground cost: $19.93

Highest price paid for diesel fuel: $3.099 (Sedona, AZ)

Lowest price paid for diesel fuel: $2.05 (Houston, TX)

Average price for diesel fuel: $2.45

Average miles per gallon: 10.005

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y’all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. You have this traveling thing down. It was fun to read your recap. Here's to many more miles on those tires.

  2. What a great year you had! Love those sunset pictures. :-)

    Congratulations on 8 years of traveling, hope you have many, many more.

  3. Beautiful pictures! Congrats on you eight years on the road. It is such a great way to use your time:)

  4. Congrats on starting your 9th year. Best wishes and safe travels.

  5. Congratulations on your 8 years of rving. So much to see and do out there. Hope you have many many more.

  6. So glad that year eight brought us together again:) You visited several of our favorite places. Touring with Kelly, Dave, and Carrie will keep you in tip top shape for sure! Enjoy your Houston time with Carrie!

  7. Congratulations! Wishing you many more happy trails, good times, and exciting adventures and explorations!

  8. You've definitely had a busy year so far, and you still have a couple months to go!

  9. Here's to many more years of exploring the US.

  10. I wish my truck averaged 10 mpg. Looks like you had another good year.

  11. Congratulations on your 8 years rv'ing, full-time and more than half time. Wishing you many more years on the road as it is such a wonderful lifestyle and yo meet so many great people. Their friendship lasts a long long time.

  12. Congratulations! Keep having fun!!

  13. If we'd all known what fun retirement was, we might have done it earlier! Continue enjoying the excitement of travel. It sure beats the rocking chair!

  14. You do such a great job of recapping the year. I want to do something like this. I've been marking very special pics. . .perhaps I can get my act together and make it happen, and wow, the synopsis at the end is amazing. . .miles traveled, and everything. Wow!

    You guys did do a lot, I had forgotten that you made it to Spring Training. ..always a treat!

  15. Another wonderful year of creating new memories. Hope the same for you both in your 9th year. Loved your photos of AZ, a state that still feels like home to me.

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