Monday, September 5, 2011


Monday, September 5 – When we purchased our used motor home two years ago, there was a macerator pump in one of the storage bays. Paul has never had a situation where he needed to use it. After driveway camping in Marsha's brothers driveway for about ten days, he decided to hook it up and try dumping the holding tanks in Rick's sewer clean out in the nearby garage floor.

The macerator pump hooks to the motor home sewer outlet just like a normal dump hose. Instead of using a gravity flow to empty the holding tanks, the macerator works like a garbage disposal grinding the sewage and pumping it through a 3/4 inch garden hose to a sewer inlet, usually found where the house sewer system joins the county/city sewer system.

Paul hooked up the pump to the 12 volt electrical plug located in the wet bay in order to test it prior to attempting to dump the sewage. Not surprisingly it didn't work. So Paul tore it apart to see if he could locate a problem. It had some rust abound the motor windings that Paul cleaned up and then oiled everything. Still no luck. After examining the wiring, Paul thought it was wired up incorrectly. So he re-wired it and then plugged it back in the 12 volt outlet. IT WORKS!

Marsha's dad, Fred, helped Paul hook up the pump and then manned the end where the hose entered the house sewer system.



Paul turned on the pump and slowly opened the black tank valve. He half expected the thing to blow up and cover him with sewage. But amazingly it worked like a charm. Paul dumped both the black and then the gray tank, no problems and no mess!


This was wonderful. We now do not have to pullout and find a dump station to dispose of our sewage.

We finally got time to visit our old neighbors the Darrah's. We were close friends when we lived in our stick and brick house. They lived just across the street. Marsha "adopted" Anna as her granddaughter. That was when Anna was just a wee baby. Now she is in 4th grade, 10 years old, and just about as tall as Marsha. What a cutie! (That was our barn in the background.)


Anna has a brother, Anthony. He is now 5 and what a handful. He is walking on his own and says about 20 words. He could say Paul but had a bit of a problem with Marsha.


We had a wonderful visit. Thanks Ron, Janet, Anna and Anthony for a fun afternoon.

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  1. As I said before, that Paul sure is a handy fellow. I have thought about getting one of those, just never could justify one. Glad it all worked for you, that would be handy.

  2. Everything and more that we wanted to know about dumping your black tank! (haha) The kids were cute though.

  3. Jim loves our macerator. Makes dumping so much easier and cleaner regardless of where we are. Glad you got yours wired correctly.

  4. Glad to hear it didn't blow up in your face.yuk

  5. Interesting post on the Macerator. I've heard about these things but had never paid much attention - seems like a handy gadget to have around though. Good job on getting the wiring fixed so it worked.

  6. Never had a macerator, but had a water powered dumper that broke up the waste and sent it down the hose. We stayed at one park for a few months -- they would not allow a macerator, and insisted ours was a macerator, wouldn't allow that either. Said that kind of dumping clogged the filters in their septic tank! Huh?

  7. I guess all the work it took to get the macerator to do it's job was still easier than packing up and moving just to dump. Way to go, Paul!

  8. Congratulations on mastering the macerator pump...with no smelly mishaps! We use sewer solution which is similar to your macerator but uses water to do what your blades do.

    Sweet, sweet kids.

  9. I had braced myself for a disgusting outcome to your story, but it had a surprising successful ending!! Ive never heard of such a thing, but thats great that it works! Thanks to the handy tweeker Paul. (thats tweeker in a good handy sense)


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