Saturday, September 3, 2011


Thursday, September 1 – We gave our Jeep Liberty a good bath yesterday, inside and out. While working, we discussed the idea of weather or not we should consider replacing the Jeep.


It has about 100,000 miles on the odometer, has a few mysterious shake, rattles, and rolls, and gets pretty bad miles per gallon. So we decided to shop around a bit and see what's out there. We narrowed our search down to a Honda CRV and a Chevrolet Equinox – both towable four-wheels down. After reading reviews on line, examining them extensively, driving both several times, and negotiating with sales persons, we decided on purchasing the Honda CRV.


The presentation of the keys.




Now we need to move our Air Force One braking system to the new car, get the Blue OX base plates installed and move our bike carrier to the back of the Honda. A little unexpected upgrade but one we'll probably be glad we accomplished in the future. If any one out there tows a CRV, we would enjoy hearing from you. We have all the steps in towing the vehicle, but if anyone has any insights they would like to share…PLEASE do!

Marsha also found out today that the surgery to correct her eyelid droop won't be taking place until December 16! She was told that both eyelids will need to be done, and our insurance carrier is so slow that it will take over six weeks for approval. We aren't going to wait around until that date, so everything gets shoved around. Now tell me about Canadian Heath Insurance and how people are forced to wait for medical care. This is the second time, in less than a year, that our insurance company has delayed medical care.....CRAZY! It won't do any good to change insurance companies. We are retired school teachers from Ohio, now making our residence in Texas, and until we qualify for Medicare we're stuck. Looks like Marsha will have to fly back to Ohio to have surgery unless she wants to jump through all these hoops again with another doctor in a different location.

One quick note:  THANK YOU to all those who leave us comments. We appreciate them so much, but sometimes we have a reader leave a comment anonymously. That is just fine, but we do like to reply to all of the comments. So if you don't get a direct reply, it's because we can't find your email address. We thank everyone for all the wonderful comments. Please keep them coming.

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  1. we tow a 2011 CRV with roadmaster equipment shoot me an email if you need any info that i ccan helpwith

  2. Congratulations on your new baby.

  3. What a pretty toad. I think a lot of people tow the CRV and really seem to have good luck with it. And the radio works!!!

  4. We tow a 09 CRV using the Blue Ox tow equipment. It works great. Follow the instructions for towing in the owners manual.

    When you stop for an overnight and don't disconnect be sure to turn the ignition switch off in the CRV. From the voice of experience, if you don't, the CRV battery will be dead in the morning!


    I know what you mean about not having emails of folks that comment. I have several I'd like to respond to all. Some respond on their own blog but who goes back and reads those?? I don't.

    Congrats on your new car. Not all insurance companies are as slow to respond .. thank goodness!

    See you .. sometime.

    (The weirdest thing just happened. I posted this comment to your blog and it ended up creating a new post on my blog!! I had to delete it.)

  6. Oh, pretty, pretty, pretty! We looked at CRVs and the Liberty last time we needed to replace our towed... but ended up with another Jeep Grand Cherokee. We buy used, and it was during the worst of the fuel prices 2-3 years ago. Dealers were almost giving the big gas guzzlers away. We'll drive it into the ground, then move on to something more economical (that's the theory, anyway!).

  7. Good choice on the CRV - probably our next vehicle too when our Honda Odyssey van is done!

    As a Canadian, I can't really tell you anything about being 'forced to wait for medical care' because I've never experienced that - nor has any member of family!

  8. Congrats on the new ride. Since Marsha has to wait. where you heading next?

  9. Sorry - we are towing a 7 year old Suzuki, can't help you there. But congrats on a new ride! We also like to respond to comments we receive, but only those that actually show up in our email as well as on the blog will get a reply. People who take time to comment on a blog are good people, and we do like to thank them. Thank YOU, Weavers, for your support!

  10. Nice looking ride. I'm sure you will get years of enjoyment from your new Honda. My children both drive a Honda and they seem to be trouble free.

  11. We tow a 2010 CRV. We don't do the gymnastics required to pull the fuse. We do run the engine a bit during lunch stops to help keep the battery charged. And, yes, be sure to turn the key off! We had to have CoachNet come charge our battery in a rest area before we started doing the run it at lunch and each evening bit.

  12. Congrats on the new addition to the family! So sorry you have to wait until December for your surgery. I believe you are getting a taste of the future for all of us!

    For a moment, thought we might be able to get together after all, but with your delayed surgery, guess you'll continue with your plans for departing on Tuesday. Happy trails...and safe travels!


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