Thursday, September 15, 2011


Tuesday, September 13 – We walked around the Shipshewana Flea Market today. That is one HUGE flea market! It took us nearly four hours to walk most of the aisles.

Our first stop. Got to set priorities!

There were quilts galore. Each more beautiful than the last.

The Amish and Mennonite make the most beautiful furniture.3-wood-furniture

Now this has to be the most unusual weather vane we have ever seen. Be sure to read the sign attached to the vane.

This was Marsha's favorite items of all those at the Flea Market. You remember her fetish with pigs from the Fair. She thought these were just daring.

We picked up some note pads, bungee cords, plastic storage bags, and a bag of apples. All at very good prices.

The produce was great! Here is where we got our delicious apples.

We then took a ride around Shipshewana. We stopped and walked the main area. What gorgeous flower beds. Marsha had a ton of camera moments. She didn't know where to shoot first.



While driving in this area, this is a very common sight.




This gal was waving to us as she got closer. She was such a happy gal!

We visited several RV Surplus stores without finding the chairs we were searching for. That was disappointing. We had heard this area was a mecca for RV'ers searching for furniture and surplus parts. It's the main reason for us heading this way. We did find some nice chairs at Lambright Comfort Chairs. They are Amish built in the shop in Shipshewana, but we felt they were a little too expensive. We have several other places to stop at before giving up on our search. We'll keep looking!

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  1. I really love that area. We have had such great times there. We didn't go to the flea market though because there was no place to park anywhere close. And Jim probably wouldn't have enjoyed it because he just can't walk that far anymore. But we got to go with you guys so that was fun. Now if you'd just share some of those apples with us.

  2. That looks like a super flea market with a lot of good things. Some of the flea markets are filled with fleas. Terry LOVES to stroll through them. Usually there are many fun things to look at.

  3. What a beautiful looking little town. That Flea Market looked a lot more interesting than a few I've been to.
    Great photos!

  4. Oh how we loved that area. We had chairs built at Lambright, as well as two pieces of furniture built somewhere else in the area. Did you go to the cheese and bakery store there (can't remember the name), that is famous for these wonderful light donuts? Not to mention the HUGE store in Shipshewana that has so much cheese and meat....
    I can't wait to go back there, I loved the Amish people and their honest, hard working ethics. PLUS, there were some terrific fabric stores in the area!

  5. The Shipshewana Flea Market has lots of goodies but we only got about half way through...started getting too repetitive and we didn't need much of what we saw in the first half! LOL

    We enjoyed the building where there were multiple auctions going on at the same time. You can bet we didn't even TRY to scratch our noses there in case any one of the auctioneers might have seen us and shouted "SOLD!"

    Wishing you better success on your chair hunt.

  6. We've heard about the Shipshewana Flea Market, but never seen it. Probably should do that some day. Our one trip through Indiana was in our first year out; we were still in "vacation mode" trying to see everything all at once, and as a result, saw very little. We've reformed since then!

  7. We were in an IKEA store recently and sat in a couple of their Poang chairs. Now we know why so many people buy them. I think they'd be good in an RV since they are so light yet amazingly comfortable.

  8. I love the weather vane. Very funny. I love flea markets however most of them are so commercial now. I like the ones where "one man's junk is another man's treasure" kinda ones.


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