Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Monday, September 12 – We drove five hours in reaching our new one-week home base, Goshen, IN. For every 10 RVs you see, six of them are built in Elkhart County. In fact, 82% of all recreational vehicles are manufactured in northern Indiana. We are here to check out some new MH furniture.

We must have hit a swam of gnats. The front of the MH was splattered with them.


Saw this sign at the BP station.  Diesel fuel for $3.74…WOW!  Pulled in to fill-up. After pumping $100 worth, Paul noticed the price on the pump read $4.06. After inquiring at the desk, he was told that was for tax exempt drivers. When questioned, the grumpy lady behind the desk said it was stated on the sign…..can you see the "fine" print on the sign? Another BP stunt….JEESH!


We are staying at the Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds. They have 900 sites with 10 dump stations. We opted for full-hook ups. We are in a section with only 12 sites. We are in Site 172 on the end. It is a great spot for Bella. She has all the grassy area to explore.


Looking down our short road.

We took a ride around the city of Goshen. The Quit Gardens Tour is in full swing. The Quilt Gardens along Heritage Trail joins quilting, gardening and art into a one-of-a-kind event.  A colorful patchwork of quilt inspired gardens and quilt-themed murals linked by the roads that form the Heritage Trail.
There are 100,000+ glorious blooms • 18 gigantic gardens • 18 super-sized murals at 12 locations • 36 quilt designs • 7 welcoming communities.

We saw two so far. One at the campground and one at the County Courthouse.



The County Courthouse is a very beautiful building.



We haven't seen much of the next topic but Marsha is on the look out…Elk Art on Parade. Elk Art on Parade will benefit Child And Parent Services (CAPS), Elkhart County’s non-profit child abuse prevention agency. It is a public art exhibition that places life-size fiberglass elk designed and created by local artists in county landscapes for the public to view and interact with. There are 29 life-sized fiberglass creations throughout Elkhart County. We saw our first one today. If Marsha has her way, you will be seeing more of these in future blogs.

"Peace Through  Pieces", Goshen High School Art classes.


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  1. Looks like a great camp spot. Thats another reason not to stop at a BP. Have fun!!

  2. The first time the fuel sign small print hit us in IN, we were really upset. We have tried to avoid fueling in IN ever since, just on principle. As far as I know the only other state that does this is AZ, but there RV's are exempt.

  3. I paid $3.69 for diesel the other day here in Deming. There is a station right off the interstate that is $4.09. Have a good time in IN.

  4. Flowers are pretty. Someday we'll visit Elkhart but not sure when ... someday.

    Talk about dishonest!! That BP station certainly was. I'm sure they can't read the fine print on the sign.

  5. Fuel stations in Oregon do the same thing: post a reasonably low price for tax-exempt buyers (truckers who work for a big company that pay taxes monthly, from what we've been told); the rest of us pay another 25 cents or so. Usually the "regular" fuel stations post the full price; the truck stops or stations with separate islands for diesel seem to post the appealing price.

    Safe travels!

  6. The Quilt Gardens? I better not tell Paulette about that or we'll be heading east right quick!

    I enjoyed seeing the pics of those beautiful old buildings in Goshen.

  7. Never been to Goshen. Will need to stop in there some day. How does one properly interact with a fiberglass elk? We've met a cow moose and her calf on a trail, and didn't interact very much except to stand perfectly still.

  8. I lived in Ft. Wayne for two years a little while ago. Beautiful part of the country - not around mid-winter lol though, too muh lake effect. zenjp

  9. Ugly job those gnats did to the front of the motor home! Who got the job of cleaning that mess up?

    The new car looks nice with the motor home.

    We loved seeing the quilt gardens when we were there for the Escapade last year. One is prettier than the next.

    Enjoy your time in Amish country!


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