Friday, March 9, 2012


Tuesday, March 12 Part III - Our day was not quite finished. One of the “pluses” of staying at Justin's Diamond J RV Park is its location at the edge of the desert and the many nearby hiking trails.

We headed out for a mid-day hike to enjoy the desert environment. What a beautiful place. All types of cactus, blowing wild flowers, and RATTLERS!!!!

Yep, you got it right....Paul finally got to see a rattlesnake in the wild. We had no sooner mentioned to each other that it was probably too early in the year for snakes to be a worry , when we nearly stepped on a rattlesnake sunny himself in the middle of the path. We came within about five feet of this HUGE snake when we heard the rattle.

Not a good picture. We were both trying to recover from the sound of the rattlers!

It was at least ten feet long and as big around as your arm. Paul even cashed-in one of his Man Cards by screaming like a little girl :-)) was only about 4 or 5 feet long but it scared the crap out of us anyway. You can't see those suckers! They blend in perfectly with the sand and surrounding rocks! And Paul was only screaming to warn Marsha to LOOKOUT!!! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!!!


There's that rattler.

We were brave enough to continue on down the trail for about an hour and a half before finishing up back at the campground. It was a an exciting day in Tucson, Arizona. One we won't soon forget!

Here are some not-so-scary sights…just beauty all around.

Simple beauty.

Jumping Cholla

We call this the Praying Cactus.praying-cactus

Needles on a Fish-hook Barrel cactuslong-needles

Got to love all those arms.

Home Sweet Home

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. So probably not a good idea to be wandering along listening to music with earphones! Those rattles come in handy.
    At least he gave you plenty of warning.

  2. Gulp! Don't know if I'd have been able to continue on after that experience. I'm with Bob on this one ... the earphones stay home.

  3. Paul didn't have to change his shorts, Did he?

  4. As much as I'd like to think I'm brave, I'd be a wuss and go running in the opposite direction, but first I'd get the photo! I think! Eldy says, yeah, right!

  5. What a way to check your heart..I don't do things without legs.

  6. I probably would not have continued on that trail! It just goes to show how wrong everyone is when they say the rattlers aren't out yet.

  7. Well, well we were just talking about rattlers. Park managers say that it's usually June before you see any. But we (translated he & the dog) will have to be more careful.

  8. We found our first wild rattler in Montana. Daughters were quite young, and we want wandering through a field, with them running ahead. I caught up with them, got a little ahead, and that's when it happened -- a rattler right ahead of us. Fortunately, our kids were well trained, as I yelled "Freeze" and they did. We watched the snake for a while (as you did yours) then went a different way, a little more carefully than before!

  9. We've seen several rattlers while hiking in the Tucson area this time of year. You're right, they blend so well Jim walked right past one which I then almost stepped on. I still haven't forgiven him for not warning me!
    If you have time, check out the Brown Mt trail near the AZ-Sonora Desert Museum. Great views!

  10. Had to read your comment out loud to hubby. . .we were literally LOL. . .I'll hafta remember the MAN CARD comment. . .priceless!


  11. Was 15yo and hunting with my adult cousin and his friend when I walked up on what was a 10ft male and a 9 ft female rattler mating! I heard them but didn't see them. My cousin and his friend shot them a mere 6 feet in front of me under a palmetto bush. I can still here those rattlers today!

  12. I would have loved more than anything to hear and see dad scream like a girl!!! HAHAHA I can only imagine it!! Love you!!

    --one of your daughters....

  13. "cashed in one of his man cards" LOL! Ive got to remember that one! So didnt you say you were visiting Oregon this Summer? If you visit the country, be prepared for more Rattlers!

  14. Yikes, I hate when that happens:( We always carry walking sticks and bear spray if we think we will have to deal with any snakes. So far just gong the other way has worked.

    Nothing wrong with sending out a warning to your companion, even if you could be confused with a girl:)

  15. Hey...where/when do you get those man cards? You two are just too funny..always good for a belly laugh. :-)

  16. I don't think a person ever forgets their first wild rattlesnake!

  17. Yikes! We have not seen any yet and hope that continues to be the case. We loved the Man Card comment. Great photographs...even of the snake.

  18. Rattlers are my main concern & fear for our two dogs. They have no idea what a snake is & with the way Pheebs runs around all over the place it is my main worry now when we are outside in this warmer weather.

  19. Carry a shovel or a long, strong walking stick when you go out now. Arizona is NOT walker friendly when spring comes along. Rattlers like anywhere there is a warm, sunny spot this time of year...particularly trails and around rocks. Wear boots and long pants and watch your feet. They also like to nestle under greasewood bushes during the sunny part of the spring day.


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