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Tuesday, March 6 PART II - A few miles north of the Titan Missile Museum is the Mission San Xavier.


A National Historic Landmark, San Xavier was founded as a Catholic mission by Father Eusebio Kino in 1692. Construction of the current church was begun in 1783.  Notice the right tower remains unfinished even today.  Our guide said of all the theories, the reason is lack of money.

The oldest intact European structure in Arizona, the church's interior is filled with marvelous original statuary and mural paintings.

Doorways were beautiful.

Stairs were a bit tight.




Beautiful ceilings
Mission San Xavier

Visitors step back in time and enter an authentic 18th Century mission. The church retains its original purpose of ministering to the religious needs of its parishioners with daily services and three services on Sunday. It should be noted that the Mission is on the Indian Reservation and is considered an Indian Church. Indian Culture and Traditions are respected and tourists are asked to take this into consideration.

Even though the Church was built for the Indians, by the Indians on an Indian reservation, this is the only tribute to them.

There is no admission charge to visit Mission San Xavier. Some 200,000 visitors come each year from all over the world to view what is widely considered to be the finest example of Spanish Colonial architecture in the United States.

Looking towards the back of the Church.

Our tour guide did an exceptional job describing the historic significance of the structure, statues, paintings, and religious significance of the Mission. This is a very beautiful Mission Church and another wonderful tour we would recommend.

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  1. Wow. ..stunning place. . .amazing architecture.


  2. The White Dove of the Desert remains as one of my most vivid memories of our brief visit to the Tucson area. Nice to see it without the scaffolding.

  3. Well you did it again....found another amazing place that we want to visit!

  4. I have enjoyed each one of my visits to San Xavier. Even though it's been over twenty years since I was last there, it remains in my memory. :)

  5. We've been there a number of times, and usually there has been scaffolding covering one part or another. So glad you got to visit when it was at its peak! We're not far from there in our little town of Benson, if you happen to be looking east. Would love to meet you, and could make a hole in our busy schedule if you are free some day.

  6. All I can say is WOW how nice.Thanks for sharing.

  7. You guys are killing me! How did I ever miss this Mission when we were in Tucson? First the Titan Missiles and now this! What was I doing there?

    Thanks for the tour and the great pics. At least now I have some idea about what I missed! Dang!

  8. I told Jim that we are going to go to Tucson next fall and spend a week or so. We've stopped there for a day or two but haven't really done any exploring. And this definitely goes on our list along with the Titan Missile.

  9. There are so many beautiful things to see in Tucson. The missions are just part of it. Have you located the Choice Greens restaurant yet? Fantastic salads are served and ingredients chopped to order.

  10. A great place, I can only wonder how we missed it:(

  11. They don't make churches like they used to, do they.

  12. Great photographs. We really enjoyed our visit too. It's so beautiful and peaceful there.


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