Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Tuesday, June 5 – We drove North on Oregon-101 to the Elks Lodge Wapita Campground in Lincoln City, Oregon. The Elks own a 40-site campground (Wapita CG). A very nice rural setting located on the Southside of town. We are in Site 31, having moved from site 34 after being unable to get satellite reception in the previous site. We have 30 amp electric service and water. There is a dump station we will use to dump our holding tanks upon departure. The sites and streets are gravel.

Site 31

Love all the space!
Site 31 front

Looking left.

Looking right.
looking right

Our BIG backyard.
Paul and Bella

Sun is out; life is good.
Bella and Marsha

After getting settled-in, we headed into Lincoln City, to the Elks Lodge, to pick-up our mail, which we had forwarded there. We use the Escapee mail forwarding service and are very pleased with their service. We are only a phone call and a day or two away from having our mail forwarded to us. Our mail was there and ready for us to pick-up.

We then headed South toward DePoe, Oregon. Our first stop was the Chowder Bowl for another chowder taste test. We have a new front runner! This was the best we've had so far, and we believe the least expensive.

Chowder Bowl

DePoe Bay is known as the smallest harbor in the world. It is pretty small and the channel getting there from the Pacific Ocean would be pretty troublesome in foul weather. This is one of the locations to look for whales that hang-out and feed in this area.

DePoe smallest harbor

DePoe bridge

smallest harbor

More on DePoe in our next post.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. See, I told you it would be sunny today!

  2. We really like chowder and our favorite to date is Ivan's in the Seattle area. We are planning on Oregon and Washington next summer and will be on our own chowder tour.

  3. Think I've mentioned it before, but when you get to Florida (Crystal River/Homosassa area) make a chowder stop at Dan's Clam Stand. See how you think it stacks up. It IS our favorite.

  4. So glad to see the sun is out for you. It really has been rainy and cold for you guys. Not a clam chowder fan so I'll just take your word for it that it's a good one.

  5. Hard to tell who's the most relaxed, Paul or Bella.

  6. I just know Bob and Jo are referring to Ivar's chowder in the Seattle area instead of Ivan's. Ivar's is great chowder.

    Looks like a great spot at the Elks in Lincoln City. Not stayed there so need to check it out next time through.

    So, with all your chowder tasting let us know what you like in a chowder.

  7. another great tour of Depoe Bay..we have heard that the 'old sea hag' is a great restaurant too!! spot in Lincoln City looks you need to be an 'elk member' to stay there?

  8. by the way..the harness that Bella is wearing?..where did you purchase it?..and do you have any other close up shots of it?...I was thinking it may come in handy for our kitty, Oliver when the time comes!

  9. Bella looks like she is really enjoying life... Lots of room in the park!

  10. Love that picture of Paul and Bella! As Sue said the Sea Hag is a very nice place and good food. We always enjoy visiting Depoe Bay...hope you made it to the visitor's center there.

  11. Another reminder that I need to seriously consider joining the Elks. I'm amazed at how many campgrounds they offer.

    I love the picture that indicates Paul's feet are hanging off the side of the chair so Bella can have the foot area. We do tend to serve our pets well. If I decide I need a travel companion, I will get a cat since I can bring it back to the apartment where dogs are not allowed. Don't know where I'd put a cat's belongings in my tiny RV, though. :)

  12. I just may have to consider becoming an Elk or a Moose, Eagle, Lion or some other kind of creature just so we can stay in some of those nice campgrounds.

    Glad you got a nice, sunny day. We haven't had many in a while.

  13. So thankful that you were blessed with a nice sunny day. We have had problems finding the right collar/harness for Noah and see Bella has one. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks....

  14. See, we knew Oregon wasn't all rain, even on the coast! We have enjoyed our time along the coast, and were very pleased to have spent a few visits in Depoe Bay. And chowder is a favorite of ours. We had heard that Moe's had the best chowder, but have had better at other places. We'll need to stop at your new front runner next time!

  15. Love, love, love your backyard. . .great place to relax. . .have you seen any whales?


  16. Nice to see blue skies in your photos again.
    Sunshine and green grass. I'll bet Bella is loving it there!

  17. Oh, you've brought back such great memories. We went whale watching with Carrie Newell leaving out of Depoe Bay. What a thrill. We learned so much--Carrie was great, and the trip was reasonable. No problem taking Jack who loved it, as well. or if you want to go directly to her site:

    This was a thrill of a lifetime. I had been whale watching up off the waters of Vancouver Island--this trip was not only less expensive, but more exciting. Carrie is a marine biologist so you learn a lot aside from seeing the whales. My son was on a short schedule otherwise I would have gone, again. I highly recommend going unless you tend to get sea sick.

  18. Hi! Just came across your blog & am enjoying your photos of my hometown Lincoln City. Do you camp at Elks' Parks a lot? My husband & I are considering doing that when we're both retired in a couple of years. Loved seeing your photos of BPOE 1886--my Dad was a charter member & he & my Mom did a lot of work out at the park when it was coming together. They were part of a large group at the lodge--called themselves The Teepee Creepers. They spent many weekends working on the park & we still have our big (100+ people) out at the park every July. You would not have all that room when we're out there! Thanks for your posts & photos--Happy Trails!


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