Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Sunday, June 3 – We finally took time to visit Florence. It is just a small town, but a nice, clean one.


We started our walk by visiting the Sweet Magnolia Bakery. Yummy! We had coffee and a couple of delicious pastries. We try to do our part in contributing to the local economy.

Sweet Magnolia Bakery

It was (as Marsha puts it) a cute little place.
inside bakery

They have a really nice gazebo and an area where visitors can sit and enjoy the water.

water view

Art Deco 1936 Siuslaw River Bridge

A walk around Florence and talking with the locals confirms our thoughts that the residents are very proud of their town.

downtown Florence

We returned to the Umpqua Lighthouse this evening to see it at night. A suited night for it to be shining its guiding light to sea.....cold, rainy, and the waves wiping against the Umpqua River jetty. We arrived before dark and enjoyed watching the beacon's transformation from day to night.

Umpqua Lighthouse

During daylight, the beacon appears as a reflector at the top of the lighthouse, but as darkness approaches it comes to life. First you see the light inside the glass dome, then the beams of light, shining laser-like out to sea, become visible as it becomes darker. Eventually, you can see the beams shining in all directions, bouncing off the near-by trees and shining their guiding lights out to sea. I bet it's something amazing to be out on the ocean and see the lighthouse welcoming you home.

Look at the trees with the reflection of the Lighthouse lights. Like being on a carousel.DSC05391

This is the first time we've ever seen a lighthouse at night and is was a pretty neat experience. We could have used some of that “guiding-light” on our drive home up the twisting rain-soaked coastal highway. It took us a little longer, but we arrived home safe and sound!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. So nice to read you're doing your part to supporting local economies...and what a nice spot to enjoy your pastries.

    The lighthouse pictures at night were beautiful. We've never taken the opportunity to do that. Thanks for the vicarious experience!

  2. Those are really great night shots of the lighthouse. You can really see the red and white colors of the lens. Great idea, shooting that one of a kind lens in action! Glad you found the bakery in Florence. Food there is better than raw oysters, I think! Have a good trip on north.

  3. We've been having yucky weather here. Since you're at the coast I know you must really be having yucky weather. I hope you were bundled up on your night outing to see the lighthouse. Neat thing to do!

  4. Huh! Have never gone out to a lighthouse at night. We should do that ... after all, that's when they shine brightest.

  5. So nice of the two of you to support the local economy, although your method might be a little self motivated. Great pictures, again.

  6. I've never thought of visiting a lighthouse at night! Each lighthouse is so different and beautiful that we forget to check them out at night. You just keep adding things to our bucket list! Thanks much.

  7. Starting the day off at a Bakery is my kind of living! Great idea.

    I've seen the Umpqua Lighthouse several times before in our travels but never lit up at night. What a neat sight - thanks for posting the pictures.

  8. Really enjoyed your pictures of the lighthouse at night. How nice of you to brave that weather just to get the good shots!! Looks like we might get some sun today so hope it also shines on you.


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