Monday, September 17, 2012


Thursday, September 13 – We met at the attorney's office this morning to sign the final papers for the house purchase. We are once again homeowners.

signing for the house

Paul signing.

After the closing we drove over to look at the house again. We toasted another “new” page in our life story and planned things we wanted to do before moving in. “Moving in” should be a pretty simple task – we don't have any furniture. We sold pretty much everything three years ago when we began full-timing.

That paper will be gone very soon.toasting

The next day, Friday, we headed back to the house for some painting. First job is removing the wallpaper borders. This was NOT the strippable style boarder! We spent all morning removing the borders in just two bedrooms. Later we'll have to tackle the wallpaper in the kitchen....yuk!

Marsha removing wallpaper.

After getting the paper off and scrubbing the walls, Paul painted the ceilings and Marsha painted inside the closets. Tomorrow we do the woodwork and doors in those two bedrooms and maybe start painting the walls.

We want to get the bedrooms done before Monday, so we can move in our newly purchased beds. Yep, that's the only furniture we own – beds! Hmmmm!

Saturday, September 15
– Back to the house for more painting. Our daughter, Kelly, came over to help and spent the entire day helping us paint. We finished two bedrooms. They look really nice – Good job Kelly!

Painting is not one of Paul's favorite jobs, and windows are the worst!Paul painting windows.

Kelly helps trim before she does her rolling.DSC00864

Kelly painting

Sunday, September 16
- After church we continued our painting work. We moved into the living room and got the ceiling painted, a coat on the woodwork and windows. Unfortunately, all the woodwork, windows, and doors need two coats....whew!

More windows for Paul…YUCK!
Paul painting windows.

Monday, September 17 –
More painting! Did we mention how much we DON'T like painting. Paul enjoys working, but painting is not one of his favorite tasks. We'll be glad to get this first round of painting completed so we can move on to some more interesting projects.

We won't get everything finished in the house before we head South for the winter. We want to get it livable so when we return for the holidays we'll have a place to live. We plan on driving back in the car and leaving the motor home in the south (either Texas or Florida).

Now this is more what Paul likes to do. When we had our other house, we had a couple of acres of land. He really enjoyed getting on the riding mower and cutting the grass. This yard is much smaller. It still took him over an hour to mow it.

Paul mowing grass.

Got the beds delivered this afternoon. Didn't even get to lay down and take a nap, we are too dirty. We'll have to wait a day or two until we move in to try them out.

You may ask…What is Marsha doing all this time that Paul and Kelly are working? She is painting also. While Paul mowed, she did a deep cleaning of the bathroom. Paul keeps forgetting to take pictures of her in action. As she reminds Paul every day….A women's work is NEVER done!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Well, I am not envious of any of those tasks. . .lol. . .they always seem to go so much quicker on those HGTV shows. . .right?


  2. Since we spend a third of our life in bed, that was probably a smart 1st purchase. Congratulations on the done deal.

  3. Lots of work but it will all be worth it once it is done. Pretty trees in your front yard. I just figured you were watching soap operas and eating bon-bons while the work was being done (LOL)!!!

  4. Congratulations! Now you can get busy and really have some fun, huh? Getting things to look just the way you want them is always kinda fun.

  5. Don't you wonder what we were all thinking when we plastered those hideous borders all over the place! And don't even get me started on the ugly cheap paneling that was all the rage not that many years ago. Oh yea, shag carpet. Maybe in orange?

    We, too, hate to paint. When house owners would hire someone to come do it. Now we volunteer and do it for FREE.

  6. Congratulations on the closing. Once the painting is done it'll go fast!

  7. Congrats on your new house. Looks like a beautiful place. With all that painting you now have something else to add on your resume.

  8. Welcome back to the wonderful world of home renos, cutting grass and all the other enjoyable tasks associated with owning a home.

    I now have someone else to commiserate with when things don't go well.

  9. I'm really happy for you guys. I don't want a house but I know it really works for you. I have always hated painting. My sister thinks its relaxing and I think she's nuts. But it always looks so nice after it's all done. A bed as the only furniture? Very interesting!!

  10. We did not have any painting to do with the house, but looking for all new furniture has not been fun.

    I guess I am still having full time withdrawal:(

  11. Congratulations on your closing...hope you've recovered from writer's cramp with all that signing! Removing wallpaper, painting windows, and deep-cleaning the bathroom...undesirable jobs but making the house YOUR home...priceless! Nice to have Kelly working along side of you though.

  12. The best part of buying all new furniture for us was having it all delivered. No moving!

  13. Congratulations!
    I know I'm going to be tied up for a couple years (not kidding) working on our place back in Canada. I'm looking forward to it? I think?
    Saw the ad for your motorhome. *sniff* Good price too.
    A feller can only dream. If the situation were different, man I'd snap that thing up in a heartbeat.
    Good luck to you on your new situation.

  14. happy happy to see the closing is complete and your having a blast fixing things up...sad you no longer have that gorgeous motorhome tho....will you still travel???

  15. Congratulations and much happiness in your new home.

  16. Congrats on your closing! By the time you get all the painting and odd jobs done, you'll need a vacation. Know you are looking forward to all the "work" getting done so you can enjoy your new home.

  17. Congratulations on your new home!! Have fun painting and doing the things that make it "yours." We had some of that horrible wallpaper to strip when we purchased our home as well. No fun!! Love the sure to post some before and after pics!!
    You guys enjoy your new place!!

  18. Congratulations on the closing! I don't envy you all the work, but it will be great once you have put your stamp on the house.

  19. Thank goodness. The wallpaper, get it outta there. Doug likes painting, I like it okay but I am a klutz. Once while painting around a stone fireplace, I dropped the paint can off the ladder and you would be surprised how fast the stone could suck up that paint!

    So I am not allowed to paint anymore.

  20. congrats on the final paper work being done!..have fun with the painting!!!

  21. Congratulations on being homeowners again. Let the fun begin!

  22. Congratulations on being homeowners again. Let the fun begin!

  23. Glad to here you are loving home ownership again. I have had my share of the painting and remodeling for this year so you guys go for it! It's only fun for awhile....hope to run into you soon. Looks like a great place.


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