Thursday, October 25, 2012


Thursday, October 25 - On Saturday, Paul did some “remodeling” projects on the Cameo. First up was installation of adjustable shelves in the closet he'll use for his clothes. Paul needs very little “hanger” space. Most of his clothes are easily stored on shelves.

Paul's closet.
Paul working on his closet.

Finished product.
Finished product

He also switched clothes rods in Marsha's closet. The 5th wheel came with a “slotted” rod. Marsha prefers a more traditional rod (smooth). She can get lots more clothes on this type of rod.... :-)

Old rod.
old rod

New and improved rod.
Marsha's rod.

One skimpy towel rod in the bathroom just isn't going to serve us very well. Paul installed two additional rods on the door, a hand-towel ring next to the sink, and an additional hook for hanging a towel while showering.

Empty bathroom wall.
bathroom wall

This door needs some attention.
bathroom door

Solution to our towel hanging problem.bathroom hangers

Paul finished up his work day by trimming a silverware tray so that it fits nicely in the drawer.

Remodeling Part 1

We have several more “remodeling” projects planned for the 5th wheel, so stop back and see what Paul gets himself into.

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  1. Making it yours!! I like that. The closets look great and I think the idea of extra towel bars is a good one. Looking good.

  2. So many things to change to your own liking when you buy something new. I don't care for those slotted rods either. What a waste? Eventually, you're going to have to get all these things done and get on the road to try it out. Aren't you?

  3. It's always fun making a place yours. Looks like you are well on your way to making things livable.

  4. Why don't they ever put enough towel racks in rigs? We've had to add them to each of the three rigs we've owned. It's always fun to read about and see the pictures of things that people do to make their rigs more personal and functional.

  5. nice job on making the closets more user friendly!!

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  7. Only a slight proof reading oversight, hence the deletion. Wasn't anything bad.

    Let's try this again....

    Always fun to make these little improvements.
    I can't help but also mention how the guys always end up with the short end of the stick (whether willingly or not) in the closet space department.
    Funny how that works?

  8. Nice job, Paul - all handy modifications.

    I don't like hangers either and much prefer shelves - or the floor!!

  9. Nice; I like the idea of using the bathroom door for more towel rods ... will share with Mui. :-)))

  10. It looks like your closet is deep enough. I would have changed the rod also.

    Only thing I dislike about our Montana is how narrow the closet is.

    I am sure as you proceed you will find lots more improvements that you better suit your needs.

  11. As a family of five, we have a big towel issues. I can't wait to show my hubby what his Saturday is going to look like! Haha Thank you! :)

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  13. Sounds like you've got yourself a very handy hubby Marsha. Glad to see your 5th-wheel is coming right along.

  14. I added more towel space by buying one of those over the door top towel racks. :)


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