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Saturday, October 27 - In over 30-years of marriage, we never shared a bathroom, and we certainly don't want to change now. So since our new Cameo only has one bathroom sink, Paul figured a way to add a sink in the bedroom – much like we had in our Tiffin motor home.

Cameo bathroom

The plumbing was rather easy because the supply lines and gray tank waste line ran under the cabinets to the washer and dryer area. So Paul only need to remove the bottom of the cabinet and splice into the water supply lines and waste lines. No problem.bedroom counter top

He then found he had to move an electrical outlet that was in the way of the medicine cabinet.'s always something....LOL.

Then came the time to cut the hole in the counter top for the sink. He sure don't want to make a mistake now! Paul carefully traced the sink, allowed for the gluing flange and sawed away. The hole turned out as planned, and was about ready for the sink.

Cutting area for sink.

hole for sink

Marsha cleans up all the pencil marks and get the area ready to caulk.
Marsha cleans.

The countertop isn't as deep as one that includes a sink. We purchased a bar-size sink. We turned it sideways so the faucet will not interfere with Marsha opening up the medicine cabinet door.


Hooking up the plumbing was fairly easy. Pex tubing has push on fittings (called Shark Fittings) making a plumber out of just about everyone. He simply cut the tubing to size and push on the valves, nineties, forty-fives, or flex pipe. Pretty simple!

The ABS waste lines are a little more troublesome because after fitting everything you must glue the pipes and fitting together. You have to be ready because the cement dries rapidly.


Marsha washes her hair in the sink, hence the bar faucet.

After getting the sink in place, Paul replaced the cabinet floor and shelf, cleaned up the mess and moved on to hanging the medicine cabinet.

under sink

This is a little tricky in a trailer because you have to be sure to secure it well to prevent it from falling or coming loose as the trailer bangs down the road. Paul screwed it to the metal studs in the walls and screwed it to the cabinets already on the wall. He offset it a little (it doesn't lineup directly over the sink) so the cabinet door will open without hitting the faucet.

finished cabinet

Now Marsha can load all her “women stuff” in her own bathroom. She can cover the counter top with all her “thingies” and leave Paul's bathroom alone... :-)

After seeing what wonderful job Paul did to his closet, Marsha decided she wanted some shelves in the closet that would hold a washer/dryer. The motor home had a built in hamper, not so with the 5th wheel. Another problem solved.


Marsha's closet

She has two shelves, two portable baskets for dirty close, and a place to hand some clothes to cover up the plumbing.

We had one another dilemma…where do we put our office stuff and computer? In the MH, Paul had a nice desk with lots of drawers. Marsha used the kitchen table and had a drawer. The Cameo doesn't have the same set up. We shopped and shopped until we found the perfect fit for us.

computer office holder

The shelves will hold our computer stuff, camera stuff and just general office stuff. The board under the table will hold our printer. TAA DAA…

Paul's stuff

Almost entirely hidden from view.table and computer stand

In the next blog, we will give you a tour of our "new-to-us" Carriage Cameo.

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  1. Wow, Paul, that's amazing.

    And Marsha, no the laundromat was not free.

  2. Wow, Paul, you did a terrific job on that sink. We see you're making good use of your time at home until you're ready to head south. You two are great shoppers always finding just the right 'thingie' to organize your home on wheels. Looking forward to more pictures in your next post.

  3. You two work as quite a team. Marsh find the problems and Paul solves them. Keeps both of you busy.

  4. But only having one bathroom and sink brings a couple so much closer together! You just can't imagine all the fun you're missing!
    (Nice work, Paul.)

  5. Pretty darn handy there Paul. It all looks good. I like your new rig. Cameo builds them nice!

  6. Thats all good work I just hope Angela does not see this

  7. I did have to laugh. Jim and I have always shared a bathroom so it was interesting to see how creative you guys could be to solve that problem. From the pictures so far, it is beautiful. I really think you're going to like it better for living in than the motorhome. That's just my opinion.

  8. Nice to have such talents and skills. Looks wonderful!

  9. Like you, we've not had to share a bathroom and are happy that our Phaeton came with two sinks ... although our second one is not in the bedroom. Good solution.

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  11. All these little extra touches will make it so much nicer when you're on the road. Many years ago we bought a house with only one bathroom. Terry turned a closet into a 1/2 bath -- no shower but a stool and a sink. Sometimes the little things are really big things.

  12. More great modifications Paul. You are really making the Cameo your own guys!

  13. Nice job on the re-do. Very clever. We have lots of bathrooms and sinks at home but only a teeny tiny bathroom and ONE sink in the motorhome.

  14. Paul put a patent of this? Cameo just might steal his ideas. Good job!

  15. I'm impressed! Great job on that new sink Paul.

    If I tried that I'd probably have the grey and black tanks spewing water and sewage back up threw the sink's plumbing lines. I hate anything to do with plumbing.

  16. What a handy guy that Paul is. I think I would keep him around Marsha! :D


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