Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sunday, October 14 - Are the gods conspiring against us? It's getting chilly in NE Ohio and time to head South, but a major roadblock has been thrown up to delay our departure.....We SOLD the motor home!!!

What makes it even more convincing that God had a hand in this is the fact a local Pastor was the buyer.....WOW! It's a long story which we will tell shortly. But for now…

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

So, cold weather or not, we've delayed our departure until we can find another RV to travel in this winter.

Paul's been looking at used Ford pick-up trucks online and has a local auto auctioneer checking out a few possibilities in the area. He's leaning toward a Ford F350 diesel. He is even considering a dually (4-tires on the rear) but hasn't made a firm decision yet,

We've been looking at used 5th wheel trailers and really like the Carriage Cameo. Again, no decision has been made, but Paul has talked to several Cameo owners who are very happy with their trailers. This is one of those “no perfect” answer type decisions.

Paul's phone has been acting up so we visited the Verizon store to get some answers. He has insurance, so they sent a new phone overnight to replace his old LG slider phone.

While at the Verizon phone store, Paul suggested to Marsha that she should look at replacing her ancient LG phone that she has had for about eight years. She could  barely see the screen any more. He made a MISTAKE! Marsha is now the owner of a new iPhone 4S. Our daughter, Kelly, gave her a couple hour tutorial, and now has created an iPhone monster. She is so excited and loves learning all the new ins and outs of this “smart phone.”

Marsha's iPhone

We're not only feeling the cold so is Bella. She has already learned that when she is cold, go to the warmest part of the house.  Ahhhh….those warm air registers!

Bella in front of heater.

We are trying to move everything we had stored at  dad's house.  Can you guess what Paul is carrying?

Marsha hates that wallpaper and will get rid of it come spring.Paul with something.

Did you guess correctly?

Her friend, Stephanie, gave her a small starter years ago and look what tender loving care will produce. Thanks dad for keeping it for us these last three years.

So it's been a very busy and hectic fall here in Ohio. We are looking forward to getting back on the road very soon.....God Willing!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Great news about your MH. Such a relief to have that gone and now you can move on to the next set up you want. Cameo's are beautiful and I've heard lots of people rave about them. You know Jim and Ford's but he would definitely tell you you want a diesel. Now get busy and get out of there before "snow" shows up. Bella seems to be the smart one in the group.

  2. LOVE the picture of you two on your Iphone. Let the fun begin with your new toy!

    Sounds like your plans are moving right along! What a difference two months can make! We wish you much success in your hunt for just the right 5th wheel and truck. If you get one in the north, it should be a bargain this time of year. Not having to winterize it should mean a discount for you, don't you think?!

  3. We have a Ford F-350 dually and really like it.

  4. You need to encourage Paul to speed the process up before those snowflakes start falling. By the way, it's 97 here in Mission today.

  5. Maybe the pastor who bought your motorhome could help with a little divine help with the search for a new rig! Of course, that is assuming he/she does not have buyers remorse:)

  6. Congratulations on the sale.

    You are going to get sooooo much advice so here's Doug's. Ford F350 - long box - no diesel - no duallies.
    Doug's main reason for no diesel was the fact that he can mechanic nearly anything but not diesels.

    Cameos are beautiful but pretty heavy. Ours is a Flagstaff Superlite and we are 99% thrilled with it. Axles are too light but that's it. Another reason you shouldn't get a Cameo - TONI AND DOUG WILL BE JEALOUS!

  7. Tough being stuck in limbo land. Hopefully, we will all be on the road before the next snowfall.

  8. Congrats on the quick sale of your MH. Contributions at the Pastor's church must be pretty darned good.

    All I'll say about a truck is Diesels are amazing for pulling 5'ers.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Iphones - you'll love it. I wouldn't be without mine now - ever!

  9. and even more advice. . .we did lots of research. . .

    If you are going to pull anything bigger than 30 feet you need a dually. . .AND. . .a Carriage is a heavy rig. . .check those GVWR's on a 350. . .blowing a transmission is not a fun prospect. . .and getting it stopped is a necessity also!

    A 350 is only a 1 ton truck. . .they all have the same engine, and get the same mileage. . .get the biggest one you can afford. . .just sayin'. . .good luck!

  10. Congratulations on selling the motorhome! That's great news!!!

    Also, nice to see you upgrade to the iPhone. You'll certainly notice a lot of difference with it over your 8 year old phone. I love mine.

  11. Yes, congrats on the sale of your MH. Lots of new decisions to make now!

  12. Congrats on getting the motor home sold. Let's hope you find a new outfit just as quick.

  13. I thought that Paul was just carrying a roll of attractive green bubble wrap. No idea that there was a plant inside. Congratulations on the sale of your motorhome! And have fun looking for a new truck and rig!

  14. Congratulations on selling the motorhome! That was pretty quick. Hope you find just what you want in a 5ver. Happy hunting.

  15. Sounds like everything is working out well for you! Hope you find the perfect RV for your winter travels.

  16. Wow! That was sure quick. Good for you.

  17. Congratulations on the sale of your MH ... and good luck with your upcoming purchase ... whatever and whenever that might be.

  18. So glad to hear you sold your motorhome. Sounds to me like a higher power did have a hand in this transaction. Good luck in finding a 5th-wheel and get out of Ohio soon! :)


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