Saturday, November 3, 2012


Saturday, November 3 – We pulled out of the driveway at first light this morning (7:30 am) heading South. This is our first experience towing a 5th wheel trailer. We've towed utility trailers, travel trailers, and cars behind the motor home, but this is a new experience for us...EXCITING!

Getting out of our skinny driveway onto our skinny neighborhood street was our first challenge. A little “hairy,” but we pulled it off on the first try with no problems and headed down the road.

Our only mishap – or was it just the bone-headed driver – was when we pulled out of the pump area at Flying J. We must have turned too sharp because the emergency break-away cord pulled out and locked the trailer brakes. It was nice that the Ford instrument panel lit up, “wiring fault on trailer.”

wiring fault

After resetting the break-away plug, the instrument panel continued to warn of a wiring problem. After several attempts of unplugging the main plug and re-inserting it with no success (and surprisingly Paul swearing didn't help either), Paul finally shut the truck off, unplugged, and pulled the emergency break-away plug out. After refastening everything, the instrument panel code was cleared, and we continued on our merry way. Guess we learned something new today!

Poor little Bella. It took her several hours before she finally settled down and enjoyed the ride.


She was so tired after meowing off and on for several hours, she feel asleep in the strangest positions.

Sleeping on Marsha's lap lying against the door.Bella asleep

Bella asleep

We hit rain in Louisville, KY as we neared our destination of Cave City, KY. We are at the Singing Hills RV Park. We've stayed here a total of three times now. It is a Passport America park meaning we paid $16 for a 50-amp full hookup site. The sites are gravel and pretty level. We are only about two miles off I-65. The owners are wonderful people. So helpful and friendly. We are in the same site we were in a year ago. Free WIFI to boot!

Site #42

Site 42

Looking right.

Looking left.

Our backyard where the deer and the chipmunks play.

As we ate supper, the skies darkened with dangerous looking black clouds. We thought we got out of the rain when we left Ohio.....hummph!

Our reflections of switching from a motor home to a 5th wheel.  Paul feels it is much easier to drive the truck towing a 5th wheel compared to driving a motor home.  He just doesn't have the overwhelming feeling of being so big.  Getting in and out of the gas station was easier and maneuvering in traffic felt more comfortable.  Even pulling into the campground, Paul felt more at ease. 

The gas mileage (diesel fuel actually) was better with the truck and 5th wheel too!  Although, we'll pay more when sightseeing in a big truck compared to the Honda CRV.

It was nice for Marsha to be able to stand up and move around in the motor home.  She'll miss being able to run back to the bathroom, make coffee while going down the road, or dig out her crafting projects without stopping.

Our first reaction is it is easier to set-up and level the motor home – especially since it had an automatic leveling system.  We assume the same will hold true for preparing to pull-out of the campsite in the morning

The 5th wheel feels more "homey" sitting here this evening watching TV.  It's nice not to have the driving compartment in your living room and the big screen TV across the room instead of above the windshield is wonderful. 

All-in-all, we are happy with our switch to a fifth wheel.  The consensus that you can't beat a motor home while moving down the road and you can't beat a 5th wheel when parked may be true.  We certainly felt comfortable driving today and love sitting in our little home on wheels tonight! Well see if we feel the same in the future.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a wonderful day!


  1. Looking good! Glad you're making such good progress. Bella will get used to the changes, and will hopefully sleep better. Happy to hear that you're enjoying the change of vehicles. Good for you!

  2. A good first day is a wonderful thing to have! Glad you got one. Hope tomorrow goes as well.

  3. It's always nice to know that the decisions you've made have been good ones. Bella looks so cute in all of her positions. Safe travels on down the road.

  4. we started with a Class C went up to an older gas A then to two brand new fivers and trucks...then another newer gas A ...and we are in a dp A...its a matter of personal preference..we liked the fivers..they were gorgeous and spacious..its just that we prefer the MH more...your new rig is gorgeous and I wish you many safe miles in it..I did find the fiver more homey for sure..and maybe more spacious...but I do love the coach we have now :)...take care and be safe out there

  5. Poor Bella. Skitz hates it when we first start out on the road and it always takes her a day or two to settle down. You summed up exactly how we feel about the fiver vs the MH. Both have pluses and both have cons.

  6. Glad you landed safely at your first stop today, enjoy your evening in your new home away from home!

  7. Nothing like learning a few tricks without any damage - especially on your first day out.

    We really like all the roominess in our 5'er as the living room with the TV setup is quite comfy and easy to view.

  8. I think you will love your new home.

  9. The most important thing, is what did Bella think? Be careful....I dealt with more than a few claims where the animals inside were either lost or injured when they had an accident. Broken escapes....

  10. Last night, we both lived our new digs for the first time. It was an exciting time for both of us. Noah, (cat) looks out the window and wants to go "home" since the old home is next to us.

    So pleased that your trip was almost uneventful and that Paul learned more about your new set up. Be safe today!

  11. Well, you've got the first day under your belt, and I think things went very well for you. I've always thought fivers appeared more homey even though a motorhome works better for me. :)

  12. Glad to hear you are on the road again. We have had a 5th-wheel for about 1.5 years and are looking at possibly making the move to a MH. It does seem like the set-up and break-down is easier with a MH (just our observation of course) but the 5th certainly has its advantages. Tough decision but glad you are enjoying the Cameo so far. :)

  13. We love living in our 5th wheel. But you are right it takes more to set up and tear down than a MH.

  14. Wondered what Bella would think of her new travel situation. Bet she misses being able to roam about while moving, too. I think I would miss that the most.

  15. We've had both a MH and fiver. You are so right about the benefits and downside of both. For us it's a fifthwheel. Len simply could not LIVE without a pickup.

    Glad to hear you both feel you made the right switch.

  16. I am really enjoying your new rig. I still just absolutely love the Ford! Ride on!

  17. I agree that the 5ers feel more homey. We looked at a couple when we were shopping for our vehicle. Mui was adamant that he wasn't going to tow a trailer/5er, so our decision was between a Class C and an A. As long as you're happy with your decision to switch, that's all that really matters. Happy living in your new home!


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