Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Tuesday, November 6 –  Our voting precinct is right here in Rainbow's End, so we were able to walk over and cast our ballots early today.

Only in Livingston would you find this type of

We also are getting the 5th wheel and truck weighed today. We first drove the truck fully loaded with fuel and supplies, as it would be on a typical travel day onto the scales.

Mark Nemeth reads the scale.weighing truck

We then returned to our campsite and hooked-up the 5th wheel. We returned to the weighing sight for the final weighing.

weighing 5th wheel


Chris helps out with the weighing.DSC01144

The results were very good with all four corners of both the truck and the 5th wheel coming in way under maximum allowed weight.

Chris and Mark go over the results with Paul.getting results

We now need to download tire statistics so we can adjust inflation rates. Since we are under weight, we can reduce the tire pressure in both the truck and 5th wheel tires.

After weighing, we pulled-out for the two hour drive to the Stafford Elks Lodge on Route 59 just South of Houston. We are frequent visitors of this Lodge, staying here whenever we are in town visiting our daughter, Carrie. We are at site #6 and will be here through the Thanksgiving holiday.

Look at that blue sky, and the temperature is in the 80's….ahhhhhhhh!DSC01163 

It still looks like summer here with all the green trees and bushes still in bloom.

Most of the afternoon was spent trying to aim the satellite dish properly and get reception on the TV. Two of the neighbors were here offering their advice, Marsha was on the phone with Direct TV, and eventually we were successful in getting reception. We did find out that it will be necessary for a service technician to pay us a visit to fix our receiver. We do have a picture, we just can't record on the DVR.

With the TV working, we settled back to watch the election returns and spend the evening unwinding after four hectic days traveling from Ohio.

ON A SIDE NOTE: While taking pictures at our weighing session today at Escapee's Rainbows End, Marsha was reading the SmartWeigh poster.


She looked closer and noticed a picture of us at our last weighing in Livingston two years ago. It was on the poster advertising Escapee's Smart Weight Program. Then later that evening while reading the latest edition of the Escapee's magazine (November/December 2012), Paul saw the same picture on page 96, the last page in the magazine. Pretty neat!

That is our Phaeton in the upper-right hand corner and Paul and Mark.DSC01148

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Underweight is a great thing. Glad to hear you're settled for a couple of weeks in the sunshine.

  2. Welcome back, and as celebrities, no less!

  3. Will autographs be available when you and Paul get to the Valley?

  4. well whoda thunk it....your famous :)...always nice to be under weight...

  5. Being underweight means you'll be able to bring more stuff back to Ohio with you. You've been famous for two years and didn't even know it. Certainly you should be entitled to a royalty.

  6. Under weight....what is that? I'm afraid to have ours I always knew you were famous.

  7. Guess you will have to start buying more stuff and bulk up! (LOL)...

  8. enjoy the warmth! and the visit with your daughter!

  9. I like the looks of that bright blue sky and your warm temperatures. Ah, for it to still be summer here in Vancouver, WA! :)

  10. That's sure a colorful oleander bush. I like that scale that said your 5er was underweight. Wonder if I could get weighed there??

  11. It has been ages since I have done much blog reading due to the loss of our son this year. Yesterday and today I caught up on yours. Amazing changes! I remember that we both had our Phaetons at Red Bay when we met and were starting on our full-time adventures. Good news - no more Red Bay trips for either of us. It was a big decision to stop full-timing (a year ago) but life changes and new adventures begin. Hope you enjoy your 5th wheel as snowbirds. I love that header photo of Bella. My dog had a red carrier too and I left her briefly at my brother's house and when we got back she had chewed a hole in the carrier and just her head was sticking out.

  12. We're anxious to get things into the Phaeton and get our first weigh-in done ... keeping fingers crossed.

  13. Now how often can we say we are under weight?! Glad to see that you are finally at your destination. Let the relaxation begin! :)

  14. Sure like the looks of that bright blue sky.

    Looks like you've got some work to do in filling up that 5'er to get it up to its proper weight - overloaded to the gills like ours!

    Your famous? Paul's a centerfold!

  15. We had ours weighed and it came in under also.

    Now we can say we knew when..

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  17. Test comment sent from my iPhone.

  18. I guess you do not need to go on a diet! Congrats!....Now, come help us get rid of more "stuff!"


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