Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Monday, November 5 – It's been a year since we were “HOME” in Livingston, TX. Rainbow's End Escapee's Park is the national headquarters for the Escapee RV Club and is our official mailing address. We have all our mail sent here, where it is sorted and forwarded to us upon request. We are very satisfied with our mail service here at Escapees.

Boy, is this place packed! Many are here to vote, or snowbirds on their way South, or arrivals for the Boot Camp seminar coming up later this week. Glad we are only going to be here one night. We want to vote, pick-up our mail, and get the 5th wheel weighed. We should get that all taken care of by noon, and we'll be on our way to Houston.

Site #114 – pull through for overnight stays.
Escapees park


We are parked right across the street from the office.DSC01137

Looking right.

Looking left.

We had a catastrophe today! When Marsha went in to set-up the 5th wheel, she was greeted with dishes smashed all over the floor. Two cupboards flew open during our travel and dumped the contents on the floor. She felt so bad. Several of these dishes were her grandma's and others were wedding gifts we received when we got married. She said she traveled three years fulltime in the motor home and never had this happen.

In talking with one of the neighbors here in the campground, we learned we need to bungee those cupboard doors closed. Wish we had been told that earlier. So we ran out to Walmart to get the necessary supplies to secure the cabinet doors that have breakable dishes in them. Sort of like locking the barn doors after the cows got out..... :<((

Thanks to a suggestion from Donna and Karen, we tried Bella in her kitty carrier today. She still is an unhappy kitty while traveling. She rode for about an hour in it and then stuck her head right through the darn thing. The zipper is broken and of course Bella jumped right out. We purchased a new one at Walmart. Sure hope this one works.

A very unhappy kitty.
Bella in carrier.

"Mom, why are you doing this to me?"

"Now this is much better. I knew I would get my way sooner or later."
Bella looking out the window.

Siesta time. How does she sleep like that?
Bella sleeping

One thing we both noticed today was the absence of any sway on the 5th wheel/truck combination when large trucks wiz by on the road. We traveled on I-30 today. It was filled with trucks. Even with the motor home, we experience an occasional “hair raising moment” when trucks flew-by. We seem very stable driving the Ford 350 dually and towing the Cameo. Could it be a result of the DUALLY tires on the Ford? Hope it rides as well in windy conditions.

Get out there and vote!

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.


  1. I love,love the pictures of Bella at the window. Oops. So sorry about the dishes. What a disaster!! We have always put a bungee of some sort on our cupboards that have heavy items in them or important items. I hate learning what we should have done because it means a disaster struck. Onward and forward ...... 'tis life on the road.

  2. Sorry to hear about the smashed dishes!

    Paulette always packs towels in the cupboards that store dishes and glasses as it keeps them from moving around and hitting the doors. We don't use bungy cords and have never had a problem with them flying open.

  3. Bummer about the dishes maybe paper would be good.

    Love the pictures of Bella.

  4. Only once had a door come open and one cup broke. I am thinking I probably did not close it tight because I really have to pull on these doors when I open them.

    When we had our cat Lucky, he would freak if he rode in fiver. So we put litter pan on one side of floor in truck and his carrier with the door open on the other side. He did not like loud noises and would head to the carrier. At fact that is where he spent most of the ride only occasionally coming out to check things.

  5. Flying saucers are best avoided in whatever circumstances. Sorry about yours. Sorry Bella is so unhappy, too. Both those things make Mamas unhappy.

  6. Flying saucers are best avoided in whatever circumstances. Sorry about yours. Sorry Bella is so unhappy, too. Both those things make Mamas unhappy.

  7. I had the dish thing happen to me once. I think it was probably more traumatic driving a motorhome because I heard every crash and shattering. I about wet my pants! :(

  8. So sorry about the dishes. That's sure not something you want to see when you open the door. Too bad the carrier idea didn't work for Bella. Poor kitty, but it looks like she will adjust in time. Love the picture of her at the window.

  9. We don't carry any valuable dishes. Left them all home with the kid. But our problem happened with the motorhome, not the fiver. And like Judy it about scared us to death. We were on a bumpy road, one of the cabinet doors opened and out flew everything. The only thing that broke was the peanut brittle. (None of the dishes) We spent months trying to clean up peanut brittle from under the slide. So sorry about your dishes. And poor Bella. She is so cute looking out the window.

  10. We lost a few dishes in our old 5er because the doors faced forward and when you have to jam on the brakes everything comes forward.

    When I talked of thestatic straps the other day I should have mentioned Air Bags. When you hit a hard bump without them it jars your back teeth. With Air Bags it cushions the bumps and is a lot less noticable.

    Our last truck had single rear wheels and trucks flying by us on the road were very noticable. Now with the Duals the truck and trailer stay where I am driving it with no White Knuckle rides. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  11. It is always sad to lose those things of sentimental value to us. So sorry to hear about your dishes. We have never had to secure cabinets to keep them from popping open, unless the latch broke. I do secure items in cabinets probably more than I need to however.

  12. Two words - Corelle and cushions.
    If the dishes don't move they won't pop the doors open. Stuff the cushions in the dishes cupboards. But hey - Corelle seldom break.

  13. We have never lost anything out of a cupboard but have had drawers fly open. Most of the stuff that hits the floor comes from our opening the frig too quickly after a bouncy trip!

  14. Sorry to hear about the breakage. I opted to take some older ceramic plates instead of the china on the road; hope they survive, but if not ... they have served us well. The cabinets that we use for our dishes and glasses are top hinged, so hoping that will work better than regular cabinets.

  15. Too bad about the dishes...our cat rides full time in her carrier, and we feel this is best for her... she does not seem to mind now, and doing it for over 3 years!

  16. Corelle dishes do break..trust me I know from experience. The cushions or towels in the cupboards are a great idea!
    poor Bella?..she is probably wondering where the motorhome went?

  17. Boy do I have some catching up to do. I missed out on the switch over from motorhome to 5th wheel. We have been so busy this summer that I really haven't had much chance to read blogs, hopefully I can catch up over the next couple of months, now that we will have more time to relax.

    Sorry to hear about the broken dishes. I love the header picture of Bella, I think she "purr"fers this to the kitty carrier.

    Kevin and Ruth

  18. I, like you Marsha, love to have things around me from my dad, mom and grandparents. Thank goodness, nothing breakable or in drawers.
    Poor Bella, she's going to need a therapist!


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