Thursday, January 31, 2013


Wednesday, January 30 – Monday was Casino Night at Leisure Valley Ranch. Of course, Marsha was corralled to work with her friend, Angie. They are selling tickets for prize drawings spread-out during the evening.

Angie and Marsha


masha working for food

There were about 100+ who showed up for the event. This is the first year for Casino night. There was Blackjack, Roulette, horseracing, dices games, putting game, etc. Something for everyone.

casino night 

But working didn't stop Marsha from joining Paul in a little Blackjack. We were using play money ($10 for $1500 in play money) so betting $20, $40 or even $100 was fun and not a budget buster.

Paul counting up his cards.DSC02705

At the end of the evening, we finished with about $4000 which we used to win a bid on a life-time cup of coffee and a $10 gift card at Texas grocery store HEB. It was a fun evening and a good time with friends.

On Wednesday, we met up with fellow blogger, John a.k.a. Shoeless Joe, at the Egg & I for lunch. We've traded blog comments with John for some time now, and it was good to be able to put a face with a name. We really enjoy John's comments on our blog because of his wit and good sense of humor.

Meeting John was a great. We enjoyed lunch and a long talk. John enjoys the “Good Life” here in South Texas and shared with us some of the many experiences he's had in his life. It was a fun time and one we will remember.

Marsha, Paul and John

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Casino nights are fun. Rovers' Roost does one. Last year I ended up with more funny money than anyone but did not win one prize, nothing, nahda, zip.

  2. Wow - you really dress up good. Nice that you got to meet up with John. I enjoy his blog posts. And that sounds like a really fun time at the Casino.

  3. So, you got John in your photo! HAHA He edited his so only Weavers showed up. LOL Hey, about that sign...I want to win! Tell Paul to make a bet for me, and if I win, send me the money. If I lose, tell him I'll be happy to pay him back next time I see him. LOL

    Marsha with the Homeless sign reminds me of my brother in law when he stood out on the street by Autzen Stadium with a sign that said "Help me pay for my Duck habit!" He had a lot of smiles, and even collected some cash, which he donated to the Duck Athletic Fund.

  4. You clean up reaaal good, Marsha. Have to say it was a little shocking to see you in heels and a skirt. I'm impressed that you even HAVE those fashion items! LOL

  5. Casino night - always a lot of fun.

    Nice that you got to meet "Shoeless Joe". Was he barefoot?? I always enjoy his blog and his sense of humor.

  6. Paul, hold on to that 'homeless will work for food' sign. You and Marsha can work the on ramps to pay for the trip home.

  7. That's my kind of casino, $10 gets you $1500. Then there's that pretty ticket seller... Looks like your having a great time down there.

  8. Marsha ... never seen you in a skirt but I guess you can say the same about me too. I was hoping you were holding that sign because you had won the $10K but I guess not so. Wish you had though.

  9. Great to see a picture of Shoeless John with you guys.

    That's the fun kind of gambling I would like to try.

  10. That Paul is one lucky guy good to see he married up:) Nice to see a picture of John.

  11. Heels? Oh my goodness. What is this world coming to? I gave up heels when I gave up my watch, briefcase, fake nails, suits and Daytimer! lol

  12. I was wondering what Shoeless Joe looked like since he cut himself out of the picture he posted. :)

  13. The casino night sounded like a real fun time. Nice when you can make a bet of a couple thousand and not worry about losing "the house"!

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. I have always heard that you could win a lot of money at casinos:)


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