Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Monday, March 4 – We walked around Bandera, TX, today.

Even though the sign says it and it is written on their website, we cannot find out why Bandera is called the Cowboy Capital of the World.


We enjoyed strolling among the stores looking at the items for sale.

If you visit here, don't miss Back in the Saddle Unique Boutique. What a store. It is packed with just about anything a girl would want. An unique is a perfect word to describe this store.

Back in the Saddle

inside store

Some other sites you will see in Bandera.

cowboy store

water tower

It really doesn't take long to complete a thorough walk-about of Bandera. Not many interesting shops, mostly touristy stuff and antique stores.


We then drove out to Medina, TX, to visit The Apple Store.

The Apple Store

We were here in 2010. It is known for amazing hamburgers, baked goods, and their patio cafe. We split a hamburger and soft drink, saving our calories for some delicious apple bakery items. The burger was great.


inside apple store

The Store specializes in apple pies. They are HUGE! Each pie contains 5 pounds of apples, and they sell for $24.94 EACH.

apple pie

The gal at the oven said they make 25-100 pies each day (weekends are especially busy) and ship them all over the United States.

baking pies

Needless to say, we did not buy a pie. Instead, we purchased an apple and raisin cookie and two apple turnovers. They were delicious.

Sign for the day is for the ladies out there.

sign for women

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. $25 for a pie? We are obviously disconnected with prices these days!

  2. I started to say that I wasn't sure I'd hand over that much money for a pie. However, that's not true. It's that I'm not sure. I definitely wouldn't pay that much for a pie!

    It's probably a cowboy town because there used to be a lot of cowboys there.

  3. Here's the best explanation I could find for Bandera: Bandera became "Cowboy Capital of the World" in part because of its numerous Dude Ranches. The area became popular with San Antonians wanting to escape the city's summer heat - and in the 20s and 30s - with increased car ownership (Bandera never had a railroad) "Dude Ranches" started appearing. Several of the oldest are still in business today.

  4. I'll make you 4 pies for that much. Better be good pies!

  5. I'll make you 4 pies for that much. Better be good pies!

  6. I'll make you 4 pies for that much. Better be good pies!

  7. Maybe if I win the lottery I'd buy a pie but it would have to be really really really good. Now the apple turnovers sound really good to me.

  8. When we were in the Hill COuntry couple of years ago I kept seeing they had Buttermilk Pie. I finally ordered one. It was beyond delicious. Then down in Wesco, TX I saw it again. Not the same! I was so disappointed.

    That apple pie looks great but I'm with the rest, a little too rich for my pocketbook.

  9. I just want to know how you cut it and what it looks like after you do?

  10. How can everyone say it was not worth it if they never tried it? Maybe after sharing a slice for $4.50, $2.25 per person, you may want the whole pie. As for me, I would buy a piece to try but it's to much pie to buy a whole one. I would gain 5 pounds eating

  11. Those apple pies look like you could put some weight on just smelling them.

  12. After paying $15 for great Apple Pies here in Julian, CA, what's another $10? I'd try one for sure - they look pretty darned good. They must have a big supply of apples to put 5lbs in each pie.

    I guess a guy would need about a gallon of ice cream to go with one piece of that pie??

  13. The pie looks really delish. But for $24.95....I'd rather buy five gallons of diesel here in Calif.

  14. I was going to mention Rick's apple pie buying excursion, but I see he already has. I would have liked to have seen what the inside of a slice looked like. :)

  15. Hard to believe that people actually pay $24.95 for a pie...and then shipping on top of that! However, I must say my mouth is watering. I would have sprung for a piece at $4.50.


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