Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Saturday, March 2 - Our next stop on Saturday was Kerrville, TX. We really just drove through this town. It's not a touristy town like Bandera and Boerne. We did stop to see the “Coming King” Sculpture Prayer Garden.

"The Coming of the King" bust.
coming of the king

This garden is currently under construction. It is being built by donations without any debt or professional fund raising. Over $2,000,000 has been spent so far and another $3,000,000 worth of monumental Christian sculptures have been donated by three international artists. There is a lot of empty space waiting for someone to donate.

empty space

The main attraction is a 77' high steel cross high above I-10 called "The Empty Cross."

empty cross

"Mary, Mother of Jesus"

"Fisher of Men"
Fisher of Men

"It Is Finished"

"Divine Servant"
Jesus washes Peter's feet.

"The Great Commission"
Great Commissioin

words from Bible

It's a pretty impressive place and will be amazing when it is finally finished. That may be sometime in the future by the looks of things.

Our last stop of the day was the Copper Cactus.

copper catcus

We stopped at this eclectic little artist shop back in 2010 and Paul wanted to stop again to see the collection of Mexican tin work, pottery, collectables, and art work by the husband & wife owners. We were a little disappointed this time. It was a little low on inventory and just didn't seem the exciting stop we remembered.


There is something about roosters in this area.DSC03530

We did make a couple of purchases. Marsha picked-up a new Mexican pot for her cactus back home in Ohio. Paul got a deal on a metal cowboy sculpture he intends to tuck somewhere in the backyard at home. No one in the neighborhood will have anything like it.

painted pot

metal man

That was it for our first day of touring Hill Country. We have several more sightseeing days planned, so stop back and check out our adventures.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden looks so very well done. We need to put it on our must see list. Looks like you're having fun shopping for your nest in Ohio.

  2. I love Kerrville. It's one of my most favorite places .... maybe it has something to do with my roots coming from there.

  3. There is never a place where something interesting can not be found. You've proved it once again.

  4. Gosh, we haven't been in Texas Hill Country for 10 years! It's time to go back and find all the neat stuff we didn't know how to look for in those early FT days. Thanks for setting an example.

  5. I'm still trying to get my mind around the idea of having a "back home" once again. We don't have a yard, though, so we won't be buying decor for it. :)

  6. Pretty soon you're going to have to add a trailer on the back of your 5'er to haul all your loot home.

    Paul's cowboy sculpture would look good on the front porch for Halloween!

  7. Hi. First time commenting on your blog. We are traveling westward through Texas later this spring and definitely want to check out the Hill Country. Sure appreciate seeing it through your eyes. --Pam & Vic

  8. We were running late and just drove by Kerrville when we were in the hill country so glad to get a peek. Thanks!

  9. I am loving your posts from the Texas hill country, which is one of MY favorite places. Hopefully we'll get back there this year, in the meantime your posts make me feel almost like I am there! Hugs.


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