Friday, April 19, 2013


Friday, April 19 – We left Georgia early Sunday morning. We drove to Ripley, WV. Anyone that travels I-77 from the South knows there are very few convenient campgrounds along that route. We spent the night at the Walmart in Ripley. It is a very easy on and off location.

We arrived at our new home around 10:30 on Monday morning.

Ohio sign

Very different from Texas.
Ohio landscape

We've been “busy little Weavers” our first week back at our home base in Canton, Ohio. Marsha made 32 trips (she made tic marks each time she came in the house) moving things from the trailer to the house and reorganizing her closets and kitchen cabinets. Why do women like to reorganize storage areas???

While Marsha was moving stuff into the house, she yelled, "Paul come here." Of course Paul thought the house was on fire. She said, "Look!" For those who regularly read our blog, you know very well what Marsha wanted to do first in the kitchen. Get rid of that paper!

new house

Here is what all the yelling was about.


She found out that Kelly and Dave came over last weekend and tore it all off as a welcome-home gift. Thanks so much kids. She loves it without that paper. Now the painting begins. Not Paul's favorite job to do.

Paul has started on his l-o-n-g list of jobs to do this summer around the house. His first undertaking was backing the 5th wheel into the narrow driveway from a narrow street. This is on the list of “prime” jobs to take care of.....widening the driveway apron to the street.

He then dove into some of the much need yard work. The first mowing was done, leaves cleaned up, bamboo grasses cut down, and over-grown brush along the entire rear property line was cut and will be hauled to the recycle center.

Paul mowing yard

paul trimming

Just about done.

We like trees, but this one was so over grown and awful looking, it had to go.

paul cutting tree

We are also looking into bathroom renovation. The price for having this done by bathroom renovators was way expensive. Paul has done considerable construction projects and will tackle this himself. So much for enjoying the easy life of retirement.

Bella has certainly enjoyed lounging around outdoors. Fortunately, the weather has been wonderful, although a cold front is expected to blow through this weekend bringing rain and colder temperatures.


Marsha wants everyone to know that she is working her buns off. Since she is the photographer, Paul appears in most of the pictures working his tail off. Guess he needs to pause and take some Marsha “working” photos.

Now that we are in our "summer" home, we won't be posting quite so often. We will still be reading our regular blogs but only will post when we have something to share with family and friends.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.



  1. Everything you do is fun and exciting. We enjoy seeing Paul work. It takes a special kind of woman to crack the whip and take photos at the same time! Glad you're home safe and sound, and that wallpaper being gone was a nice surprise.

  2. We're kinda pooped just reading your blog. Glad to hear you arrived home safe and sound. What better present than to have the kitchen wallpaper gone! Kelly and Dave win the prize for best present ever! Thirty-one trips!?! Yikes, hoped Paul parked closed to the house door until you got unpacked!

  3. Sure looks like you are having way to much fun there.

    We finished with the house thing after renovating half a dozen don't wanna do any more.

    But don't mind visiting people and helping out a bit, painting, wallpaper, plumbing, mowing the lawn, cooking meals etc... is fun in someone else's place, then move on to another area.

    Enjoy your new house.

  4. With all the tasks you have lined up you'll have plenty to blog about. :)

  5. We made a zillion trips moving stuff out of the motorhome. It's amazing how much we can accumulate. Sounds you're going to have one busy summer!

  6. I will definitely want to see the "after" picture in the kitchen. Oh, and then the "before" and "after" picture of the bathroom.

  7. Yes, the kitchen does look better without that wallpaper! Hope you have a good summer working on house projects.

  8. You guys are wearing me out already! Hope you'll stay in touch with all of us!

  9. Living in a stix and brix is SOOOO much fun!!

  10. Eagerly anticipating the 'Marsha working' photos. I have a full set of
    Paul working.

  11. What a wonderful surprise - that ugly wallpaper gone. Between you guys and Jeri and Terry - I'm not sure who's going to wear me out first.

  12. So nice to come home to a surprise! What color will you paint the kitchen?
    Its encouraging to see Paul in shorts mowing the grass....I guess spring really has come to the northeast, eh?

    Sitting down here in Arizona its easy to think its still cold and snowy up there!

  13. That's why we still live in an rv. Those stick and brick houses are to much work. Enjoy your new home. See you down the road

  14. Great surprise ... welcome back home!

  15. Paul is way ahead of me on his chores! Now, I've just got to get out and cut the grass today - rain or no rain.

    What a nice surprise to have the wallpaper all taken down - that's a miserable job sometimes.

  16. Welcome home. . .now get back to work! :D

  17. So thoughtful of your children to remove the wallpaper. I hope you will post your work. Will help us remember why we sold our stix and bricks.

  18. I'm tired just looking at all the pictures of you folks working! Know you want to get it all done but sit, relax and have some wine once in awhile. Have a great summer---we'll be following.

  19. I, too, was surprised to see Paul in shorts. Where I'm heading next still has a foot of snow on the ground!

  20. Yikes, that's a lot of yard work! I showed Vic the photos of Paul landscaping and he too thinks your posts will help remind him why we are full-time. I, on the other hand, would like a mini-farm someday. Opposites attract. Have fun with your projects. It looks like you have the best of both worlds.

  21. Welcome back to Ohio. We are followers from Mansfield and have enjoyed reading about your journey from fulltime back to parttime RVing (a bone of contention for us!)

    Hope our beautiful spring weather kicks in soon and you enjoy all that yardwork. Guess there's no rest for the wicked? LOL

    Patti & Jim

  22. What a great welcome home gift! Enjoy decorating your new home.

  23. Reading this post was like a dose of deja vu! We had a heck of a time getting into Terry's parents' driveway and today the tree trimmers were here to remove three large trees and we will be widening the driveway. Each day has been spent outside weeding, digging, trimming, etc. Welcome home! :)

  24. Spring is here, Paul in shorts!


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