Monday, May 20, 2013


Wednesday, May 15 - Paul replaced the bathroom window. All the windows in the house will be replaced eventually, but Paul figured we should replace this one while we have things torn up.

Bathroom window is middle window.DSC09989

So much nicer.

The township also showed up recently to lengthen the culvert under the driveway. We have a pretty narrow street and a very narrow driveway. That doesn't sit well with an RV owner. We struggled to get the 5th wheel in it's parking space when we arrived in late April. So we had the township lengthen the culvert by nearly 20 feet. They do it for residents charging only for materials. For us the total cost was $161. Later this month, Paul has an asphalt company coming out to blacktop the area creating a nice apron for backing in the 5th wheel.

lengthening colvert

Looks like some guy in the gray shorts decided to become the supervisor. DSC04890

Marsha couldn't believe this guy was smoking a cigarette and using a blow torch. She thinks he is nuts!

cutting pipe

culvert in place

They did a very nice job.

Bella has been keeping very busy loving the outdoors. She loves finding different places to hide. She enjoys watching the birds.

bird on feeder

Marsha follows the rope. Bella has to be around here somewhere.DSC04857

This is a new hiding place for her.bella in window

There is the rope again, but where is Bella.

Great hiding place, Bella. Can't even see you.bella in grass

Oh, there you are!
Bella in grass

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Nice of the township to do the work ... and for a price like that, too. I like the new bathroom window.

  2. Thats a great deal on installing the larger culvert. Keep up the good work.

  3. It looks like to me Paul has struck the appropriate pose for supervising and the end result looks like he knew what he was doing.

  4. Love the Bella pictures. How nice that she gets to be outside in the grass!

  5. That's great the township did the culvert for you. Bella looks like she's enjoying her new yard. If we let Baxter out like that he'd be covered in fleas and probably tangled all up in the leash. He'd also probably go after a bird not realizing he was on a leash.

  6. That's great the township did the culvert for you. Bella looks like she's enjoying her new yard. If we let Baxter out like that he'd be covered in fleas and probably tangled all up in the leash. He'd also probably go after a bird not realizing he was on a leash.

  7. That window looks much better. Making it easier to get the fiver in - wonderful. That Bella is such a cutie.

  8. That is great that the town will take care of the driveway and just have to buy supplies. Boy, that will make getting in and out very easy for "any RV!!!" Hope you took before and after pictures! Gotta love that supervisor!

    I love the new bathroom window. Look so nice.

    Those window wells are perfect for Bella. She can hide out and still keep watch. Love the long rope she has.

    Have a great week!

  9. Your header photo is so lush and inviting. I guess being from the midwest originally, I am drawn to such pastoral settings.

    I never would have guessed that the city would lengthen the culvert for just the cost of materials. What a difference this should make for easier maneuvering of the RV and for any visitors you might have. :>)

  10. That's a great picture of Bella peeking out of her hiding place with just her eyes showing!

    How good is that to have the Township install a new culvert for only the cost of the materials? Pretty nice.

    Smoking? I know what you mean. When we had a natural gas line installed from the road to our house, the guy in the digger was actually smoking a cigarette. I couldn't believe it!

  11. That's really a nice service the township does just charging for materials. That is rare I'm sure!

  12. I'm happy to see that Bella is on a rope. The number of birds killed by cats is appalling.

  13. After being a past smoker and a Welder by trade for over forty years it was not uncommon for welders to be using a torch and smoking. It actually is quite safe because being outdoors like that person was the concentration of the fuel gas will never become a danger.

    Things are really starting to look up inside and outside the house. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  14. That is a great price for expanding the driveway. We are working on doing a little expanding of the circular drive ourselves as it was a nightmare to get the RV in when we arrived.

  15. Nice window! Those windows will look great on the rest of the house! Perhaps by the end of the summer, you'll have discovered all of Bella's hiding places and narrowed down to her favorites. Perhaps she's just doing a "Goldilocks!" LOL

  16. Looks like a lot of work to me. We may be up that way later this summer. We will let you know.

  17. I LOVE the pictures of Bella!

  18. Bella sure seems to be enjoying the great outdoors!!!

  19. We put Duchess out on a rope like that too. The problem is she always seems to get caught and stuck on something so she never is out long until we have to fix the situation.

  20. It's been ages since I have read blogs. Wow, I sure needed to catch up on your life changes. We met in Red Bay several years ago. Guess you are happy to not have to return there, ha ha. Sure seems that we full-timers end up buying a house and becoming part-timers. Life is full of changes and we are so blessed to be able to live this wonderful lifestyle. Loved seeing photos of Bella.

  21. Super deal on the culvert. Once the new pavement is down you will have a much easier time with getting the 5th wheel into place. The bathroom window looks great.


  22. You got a great deal. Nice craftsmanship. The cat looks happy too lol.



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