Saturday, May 18, 2013


Saturday, May 11 – Dave, our daughter Kelly's boyfriend, came over this morning to help Paul tile the bathroom. Dave has laid tile quite a few times and volunteered to “help” Paul with the tile laying project – actually he was the tile man, and Paul was the tile cutter.

The floor ready for the tile.
bathroom floor

After a few layout calculations, Dave started marking tiles to be cut and laying them as fast as Paul could keep up.

Dave teaching Paul how to cut the tile.
dave tile cutting

Paul practicing.
paul cutting tile

Dave shows Paul how to mark the tiles for cutting.
mark tiles

The cutting went well with only a few broken corners that Dave was able to use in other places.

The first piece. Mud.

Mud mixer.

laying first tile

Dave zoomed right along and within 4 hours the tiling was completed.


Dave gave Paul the honor of laying the last tile.

paul laying tile

What a beautiful job! Dave sure did great installing the tile floor.

tile floor

We are so pleased! Thanks Dave for a job well done!

We let the floor dry for a couple days and on Monday, Paul spread the grout between the tiles. That was easy and went pretty well. That will dry overnight and Paul can start finishing things up.


The finished product. We love it!


While the grout was drying, Paul converted the hall closet that contained the old washer and dryer, to a nice storage closet for Marsha.

paul looking at old closet

new closet

Marsha is thrilled with her new closet.

Paul has a little plumbing and electric to do before installing the vanity, then he'll install the medicine cabinets, lights, towel bars, shower curtains, finish up installation of the exhaust fan and install baseboards and window & door trim. Stay tuned for the next adventure.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day.


  1. The floor looks beautiful!! How great that Dave had the experience. I am sure that made the job go so much faster. He sounds like a good catch!

    What a handy closet! You can never enough storage.

    Gee, that list of bathroom items that still need completing is pretty long. Poor Paul! He'll need a vacation when it it finished.

    The bathroom is looking wonderful. Great work Paul!!!

  2. That is some tile cutting machine. We (Jim) cut our tile by hand when he redid our bathroom. Definitely took longer than four hours. Your bathroom is just beautiful.

  3. Paul is making great progress and things are looking good. Marsha will have to get busy and add some things to Paul's list.

  4. Great looking job on the tile floor. We've put down a lot of tile here in our house and can appreciate how much work it is.

    The entire bathroom looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing some pics after all the fixtures are back in place.

  5. Great looking tile floor. So what's the next project after the bath is done?

  6. Kelly chose well. What project do you need another boyfriend for? :)

  7. Nicely done! That Dave is a keeper for future projects for sure! Coming right along. Won't be long before you're all moved in to your new bathroom!

  8. Dave and Paul did a great job with the tile. I remember returning from a trip many (many) years ago to find that Mui had replaced the laminate floor in the mud room with tile. I was so impressed that I put him to work doing the basement, too ;-))

  9. That floor looks great! It is almost time for Marsha to take a nice long soak.

  10. The floor is looking great, soon you will be all done then on to the next project;

  11. Looking good! Isn't it wonderful to have a handyman around the house? :)


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