Monday, September 9, 2013


Sunday, September 8 – We visited Arches National Park today.

arches sign

Our first stop was the Visitor's Center to watch the informative movie and learn a little about the history of Arches & Canyonland National Parks.

visitor's center

We then drove through the Park and saving future days for hiking. We did some short walks (a mile to a mile and half) out to viewing areas to see some of the arches and beautiful country. This is a very amazing park!

Here are some highlights of the Park.

Just simple beauty.

Balance Rock
balance rock

Three Gossips
Three Gossips

Double Arch
double arch

North Window and South Windownorth and south window

Bet you can name the next image. Yes, you are correct…Sheep Rock.

sheep rock

The most famous arch…Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch

The next rock formation doesn't have a name. What would you name it?


Wolfe ranch

Original cabin.

wolfe cabin

inside cabin

We didn't drive any further than Wolfe Ranch and Delicate Arch. We will finish the park when we do our Devils Garden Trailhead hike.

We saw this guy rock climbing without any equipment. Must be a tourist for sure.

paul climbing rock

For being Sunday, the crowds weren't too bad. Of course, getting a picture of one of the arches without a dozen perfect strangers in the shot is impossible. That's why one hikes into the back country. We'll do that in the next several days.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. Arches never gets tired! Enjoying it again through your pictures. :-)

  2. It is so beautiful there. Hope it's cooling down a little for you.

  3. Your unnamed rock looks like a camel at rest to me.

  4. We rented a Jeep in Moab and drove the Shafer trail, where Thelma and Louise drove off the cliff. An ATV would be lots of fun, too.
    If you're interested, Eklecticafe in Moab serves excellent breakfasts.
    Hope you get to do the Fiery Furnace hike in Arches, challenging but fun!

  5. Great pictures, we have missed our chance to go there several times. Still hoping to make it.

  6. We really want to go there. Hopefully next summer.

  7. Thanks for another tour of the beautiful arches. Good to see they haven't changed since April:)

    Yes, it must be a crazy tourist trying to climb without the proper equipment!

  8. Awesome pictures! I want to go there!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for bringing back our memories of Arches National Park. We were there in early May, 2010. Your pictures are fabulous! What's the weather like there now?

  10. Such awesome scenery thanks for sharing you excellent pictures.

  11. What a beautiful place!! We just can't wait to see it for ourselves!! Great pics!! :-)

  12. It's an incredible, truly awesome park and your photos are fantastic.

    It sure brought back some great memories of our all too short visit a few years back.

  13. Your pics made me anxious for next year as we plan to visit that park. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your pics made me anxious for next year as we plan to visit that park. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Your pics made me anxious for next year as we plan to visit that park. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I guess MsHeyDuke really is anxious.;)

    Great pics!

  17. Wow, great photos. Lots to see and do. Some of the rock formations look similar to the wind caves we visited in California. All areas are outstanding!

  18. yaaa. . .you made it. . .can't wait to see what all you discover!

  19. Great images of Arches. Next year is the 50th Anniversary for Canyonlands National Park too.

  20. Beautiful, beautiful country. BTW, that tourist looks vaguely familiar. ;)

  21. Great photos, can't believe it has been 2 years since we stayed at OK and visited Arches, then Canyonlands then Capitol Reef, then Zion. Have a great time in Utah.


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