Sunday, September 8, 2013


Friday, September 6 – Due to the blowout, we arrived at the O.K. RV Park and Canyonland Stables a little later than planned. We are all setup in Site #50, a 50 amp full-hookup site. We need it too, with temperatures in the high 90's.

Site 50

site 50

Looking left.
front view

Looking right.
looking right

We have a beautiful view of the red rock mountains in every direction. We planned on doing a little sightseeing this afternoon but with our late arrival we're going to just chill.

The view out front.
view out front

View out the back. La Sal Mountains. That is not snow, just the beauty of the mountains.
view out back

Many have commented about the Pressure Pro Monitor System during our blowout experience. It never gave us any indication of trouble…not before, during, or after the tire disintegrated. Great huh!


Saturday, September 7 - Paul did some repairs on the 5th wheel today. Repaired the ground wire damaged in the wheel well and purchased a new tire. We dropped off the rim. The shop will mount the tire, and we will then stop on our way out of town and have them install it on the 5th wheel.

We took it easy today after our sprint across the country. Walked around Moab and did a little window shopping. No purchases, but it was fun strolling around town.

little park


Pretty amazing view in the middle of town.
downtown Moab

We did return to downtown later in the evening to enjoy a couple beverages to celebrate our safe arrival to Utah. We discussed hiking plans and gave some thought of renting a Razor for a morning ride in the back country.

So check back and enjoy Arches and Canyonland, as we hike in red rock country.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see y'all back real soon. Have a great day!


  1. So excited you are in Moab!! We stayed in OK RV Park for a few days. We were in front of you in the row by the entrance road.

    Moab has a great grocery store, City Market. It is a Kroger store. They also have a Starbucks there!!

    I can't wait for you get out there and see where you go first. Have a wondergul time:)

    Love the new header.

  2. O.K. RV Park must be popular, I stayed there three years ago and really enjoyed the area. If you leave heading south be sure and check out Bluffs Utah. Have a great time.

  3. Oh we can't wait to follow along with you guys!! This is the trip we plan to make in spring. We will be taking notes!!
    Hope you guys get some rest and enjoy the area!! :-)

  4. You sure have a great view there from your site. Glad you made it okay. Looking forward to your pictures as you explore this area.

  5. Really great pictures. Looks like a nice place. Blow outs are no fun.

  6. In the four years I lived in southern Utah I never visited Moab. I'm sure there are many wonderful sights to see..

  7. I'm just so thankful you guys got there safely. And you have a beautiful spot to relax in. Looking forward to your hikes and your impressions of that area. It truly is beautiful.

  8. Glad you're over those mountains and safe and sound right now. Relax and enjoy the beautiful area you're in. You're renting a Razor or a RZR?

  9. The Moab area has got to be one of the most beautiful. Enjoy!

  10. Looks like a great spot for your exploration of Moab. Hope the temperatures cool off for your hiking adventures.

    We have never been to that part of Utah, so I will be taking notes.

  11. Moab is a great little town. We stayed there a few years ago and loved it. Looks like you've got a nice spot there.

    We don't have a tire pressure system on our 5'er. I thought about it but opted for brand new tires and a good air compressor instead.

  12. Looks like a nice spot there, enjoy the area, can't wait till we see more pictures or your adventures.

  13. What amazing views from your campsite. One day, we'll get there...if we can get brave enough to navigate those mountains!

  14. You made it to Moab! More familiar territory. Definitely rent that Rzr!

  15. Try the Canyon lands by Night tour,
    It is great!

  16. We have Pressure Pro. It's alerted us to losing air pressure, etc but never a blow out and we've had PLENTY!

    Nice area you are visiting but 90+ degrees is much too hot for me to do anything strenuous.

  17. Looking forward to reading about your activities. Rest helps with the stress and the driving weariness.

  18. sorry to hear about the blowout. As mentioned, Pressure Pro won't catch a catastrophic failure.
    We loved Moab.
    if you get a chance, go see and /or hike Fisher Towers. amazing!


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